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So much stuff in one week and being such a huge Avengers fan, I didn't want to take up too much space with everything I wanted to review. This week we also saw some really cool revelations along with some awesome new series.


I was really sad when this series ended. I didn't really care for the Oracle miniseries that came out after and Gotham City Sirens is a great book but nothing can beat Gail Simone writing the ladies and gentleman of The Birds Of Prey.

In this new series, it starts off slow with Oracle trying to get together the team for something big...big like what?! Big like, oh every superhero and supervillain's identity, family members and even their lovers names out in the open, that big.
Black Canary and Lady Black Hawk answer the call first along with Huntress the next two they try to recruit are Hawk and Dove. These two are the odd choice for the team considering Hawk just came back from the dead and he isn't your typical team player.

If you've never read the Birds, then get on it! This series is going to be amazing because you've got the talented lineup of Gail Simone writing, Ed Benes on art and Nei Ruffino coloring. This book is anything you can ask for in a comic book and more.

Do yourself a favor and go get this now!

5 out of 5

Justice League: The Lost Generation #1

From the creative minds of Keith Giffen and Judd Winick comes this awesome new story that is going to rock hardcore JLA fans. Maxwell Lord returned at the end of Blackest Night after being dead from having his neck broken by Wonder Woman during Infinite Crisis. What are his plans? Why is he back? Well, everyone is looking for him to answer these and many more questions.
Leave it to the former members of the Justice League International to hunt him down and bring him in. Captain Atom, Fire, Ice and Booster Gold make it their personal mission to bring Max to justice.
Little does everyone know that Max has plans for everyone else. He hooks himself up to a computer along with enough blood to sustain a huge telepathic exertion.
The greatest trick the Devil did was make people believe he didn't exist...well that's exactly what Max does. He erases himself from everyone's memory save the four heroes hot on his trail.
This book is going to be huge and I'm telling you jump on now or get left in the dust. Even if you've never read any of the older JLA - JLI stuff, you're going to like this reguardless.

5 out of 5


Another major character literally clawing his way back to his proper place in time, We see the amnesiac Bruce Wayne make his first stop on his time traveling journey as he pops up in the time of the cavemen to do battle with a as-yet-to-be badass, Vandal Savage.
The Omega Beams drop Bruce off with no memory of his former life and no knowledge of who or where he is. He arrives and is dubbed the Bat-God. He and one of the cavemen come to the rescue of others as they are attacked by Vandal Savage and his group of cannibal cavemen. Just after saving these people Bruce is propelled further into the future for his next stop on his time traveling story.
I personally don't care for this story line because of it having many similarities to the recent Captain America: Reborn story in which Marvel's counterpart, Captain America bounced through his own time lines. The only redeeming part of this particular story is that Bruce plays a pivotal role in the creation of Batman long before his parents murder in Crime Alley. He's sowing the seeds for things to eventually build to his creation of the Dark Knight.

3 out of 5

HULK #22

This is it, the final reveal as The Red Hulk's identity is finally unveiled. From the beginning of this series, we've all wondered who was the Red behemoth that stalked Bruce Banner and the rest of the Marvel Universe and it only took twenty-two issues for them to finally give up the ghost. General Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is and always was the Red Hulk. Next issue Jeph Loeb finally tells the origin story of our anti-hero.
Not only was Ross' identity revealed but we also come to learn that his daughter and the love of Bruce Banner's life Betty Ross is actually the Red She-Hulk. Another character who, since her inception has been at the center of controversy.
In this issue, The Red Hulk does battle with the recently "Hulked Out Heroes" and finds a crippling blow delivered by the Red She-Hulk along with the fatal reveal. I have to say this has been one hell of a story and the fact that after all this time people still want to know who the Red Hulk's are and what their grand purpose in the Intelligencia's plot truly are just goes to show how good Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak are as writers. By killing Ross off supposedly really threw everyone off the trail and to be honest none of us knew who the Red Hulk could possibly be. This new revelation just makes the origin story next issue that much more juicy in terms of how this all came about.

5 out of 5


Leading in from "Hulk #22", this issue continues the reveals as the identity of The Red She-Hulk is finally exposed. After so long and "Hulk #22" also identifying the Red She-Hulk, Betty Ross is the crimson bombshell. Betty and General Ross have been a vital role in the Intelligencia's plot to finally rid the world of Bruce Banner and his green counterpart, The Hulk.
Amidst the battle between the Gamma irradiated A.I.M soldiers and the "Hulked out heroes", Skaar makes the killing blow attempting to thwart The Red She-Hulk from finishing off Bruce Banner and stealing away his eventual battle with his father The Hulk.
Again, this story has been nothing short of amazing and with the reveals of not only the identities of both Red Hulks but with the revelation the Betty's long thought dead husband Glenn Talbot is really a L.M.D controlled by The Leader just adds to the air of mystery within this great who-done-it.
This is a classic story being laid out in front of us and will have ramifications for years to come. I cannot wait to see what's in story next for The Hulk and his kin.

5 out of 5


Putting to rest the fallen Nightcrawler, the X-Men are now regrouping and preparing for Bastion's next attack. On Utopia, dissension begins to grow as people are now having their doubts about Hope and what she can potentially do for the mutant populace. Hope is really starting to flesh out as not only a character but a major player in the X-universe, from being a child messiah on the run through time to now being a child in a soldier's body, she's really starting to show her true side. At one point, Cable asks her if she's ready for what needs to be done and she says "No". He informs her that he has one last time jump left and that if she truly isn't ready for the role she must play that he'll jump the two of them out of there and they'll deal with the consequences.
While all this is going on, Cyclops has sent the X-Club off to a oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to investigate what exactly Cypher had found on his mission with The New Mutants. They come to find out that Bastion has built some kind of force field and arrive just in time to witness it being unleashed.

Thus far this story has done nothing but get better and better as it progresses. Not only does it show how far Cyclops and Bastion are willing to go in order to achieve their goals but we're starting to see the fear that all of the mutants have if this girl doesn't start living up to all the hype Cyclops has put on her. Different members of the team are starting to show their true feelings like when Dani Moonstar attacks Hope in the mess hall because she doesn't think Hope is the messiah and that she's not going to save anyone.
This is only the beginning to what I think will be one of if not the greatest X-Men story ever told.

5 out of 5

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