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I hope everyone's enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. Time to BBQ and enjoy the nice weather but also to remember those men and women who fight for our rights, so tip your glass to those people who put their lives on the line for us.

With that said, this was a pretty heavy week. so without anything else to yap about, I've got something to say...


What a complete waste of time. This series started off alright but then slowly plunged into "why am I reading this?". This series to mean seemed like an easy way for Jennifer Walters to be "found", instead of writing her into the main series' story lines. Lyra has finally found and rescued Jen Walters and now its an all out fight between these two ladies and an army of Hulked out A.I.M soldiers.
They outwit, outsmart and out think this Hulk army and manage to escape off into..oh wait, The Red She-Hulk shows up and fights them but then suddenly changes her mind and decides to fight alongside them and that's the end of the issue and this mini series.
I was hoping for something more to come out of this series and I certainly didn't think it would end this way. Its all very neat and short almost as if Jeff Parker got bored with this book and needed a quick fix ending.
Well with this mini in the can, I almost feel compelled to tell you to just read the main books Hulk and Incredible Hulk because aside from Jen Walters being found and freed, this book has little to no relevance on the grand scheme of things.

2 out of 5


The Avengers proper title dropped last week and this week we get Steve Rogers new black ops team book adequately titled SECRET AVENGERS. I've actually spoken to a few people about this book and the general consensus is that everyone enjoyed Avengers #1 but everyone really likes Secret Avengers...why do you ask? simple because this book is the book that Steve Rogers was meant to be a part of ever since he took that infamous injection of super soldier serum. This book is 100% without a doubt the new "James Bond" book of the Marvel U.
Steve Rogers has taken it into his own hands to put together a crack team of super heroes who can help him avert trouble before it starts. This issue is about obtaining the Serpent Crown from Roxxon. In doing so, every member of the team plays a vital role in this first mission. Black Widow and Valkyrie go undercover as hookers to gain access to where the crown is kept, Moon Knight and Ant-Man Eric O'Grady hack Roxxon's computers, War Machine and Sharon Carter pilot their escape as Hank McCoy aka Beast cracks all the information gained from Roxxon's computers and the final piece Nova investigates their findings on Mars.
Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato do an amazing job of crafting this team together and create an amazing story and it's only the first issue.
I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It's got so much appeal to anyone who reads comics, likes superheroes or digs spy books.

5 out of 5!


So with Norman Osborn out and Steve Rogers in, Luke Cage is asked to The Raft and to create a new Thunderbolts team, this time around with the same idea and message as when Hawkeye was running the team..Redemption. Not only will their sentence be reduced but they wont spend as much time behind bars physically if they help out.
With this being Luke's first day at the prison he's got to assemble the team first and foremost and some of his team are chosen for him for one reason or another and others he feels compelled to have aboard because of their power set.
Introducing himself to each and every member he explains what being a part of the team will mean to their jail sentence and why he cares.
Ghost, Moonstone, Juggernaut, Crossbones, Songbird and Man-Thing make this team up this time around.
This issue was amazing! I couldn't put it down and the ending was just what it needed to really set things off the right way.
I promise you, if you've never read the Thunderbolts ever, this book is the book you need to get your hands on and you'll be hooked by the end of the issue.

5 out of 5!!


Bastion has begun his final attack plan, first barricading the X-Men and whoever was unlucky enough to be caught inside this organic bubble and now on the Golden Gate Bridge, a time sphere has opened to the "Days of Future Past" timeline and Nimrods have begun to come through and just destroy any mutant in their way. With injuries and fatalities almost being neck and neck, Cyclops makes the only choice he can make in the matter. He asks X-Force to assemble and head out with Cable to the future to shutdown whatever is on the other side keeping the doorway open to their time, the thing is, is that Cable only has one time jump left and he just sent Cable and X-Force on a suicide mission because their is no way home.
This is a pretty emotional issue because the X-Men's backs are to the wall literally and there's nothing for them to do but scratch at possibilities that will kill someone somehow.
My favorite part of the story is the continuing saga of everyone slowly finding out about X-Force and that Cyclops had a black ops team and no one knew about them.

5 out of 5


Talk about a good book! This issue was great. Dr. Nemesis really was brought out in this one and makes this book so much more funnier / interesting with his little quips and complaints about the X-Clubs situation.
Aboard one of Bastions pillars, The X-Club are certain that they're going to die in an explosion when they're whisked away to the future. There they meet a human version of Hank McCoy who tells them that they won but Hope's body continued to mutate to the point where she began eating the psyche's of her fellow mutants. McCoy then explains that Dr. Rao is going to save the world with her anti-mutation serum. Apparently before his ultimate demise, Bastion told Beast the day, time and place that the savior would show up..interesting.
With a little talk, Dr. Rao creates her serum but doesn't activate it. She doesn't want it falling into the wrong hands just before they use it on Hope.
As the team heads to Utopia where Hope has created a hell on earth for herself, Dr. Nemesis and Dr. Jefferies are both killed in action. Only Dr. Rao and McCoy are still alive and the only ones to complete the task. Just before McCoy distributes the serum to Hope, everything goes white and you come to find out that it's all been a hoax and that the team was in a holo-deck and that this was all set up by Bastion so that Dr. Rao would unwittingly create her serum for him to use. Little do they know she made a bomb.
This book was great and I would personally love to see an X-Club ongoing with writer Simon Spurrier at the helm.
This is a great addition to the Second Coming storyline because it goes to show just how far Bastion is willing to go and it also clues us into what his ideas or visions of the future hold for Hope and the continuation of the Mutant species.

5 out of 5

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