Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ok…some random TV and Movie Stuff!


“Actor Freddy Prinze, Jr., 33, and his Buffy the Vampire Slayer wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, are crediting the television show 24 with keeping their marriage together, according to the National Enquirer.

A friend of Prinze and Gellar told the tabloid magazine that Sarah Michelle Gellar was unhappy with Freddie Prinze, Jr. while she was expecting their first child together. Reportedly, Gellar felt she needed "space," and Prinze was not working at the time so he was around constantly.

According to the latest issue of the National Enquirer currently on newsstands, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. were thrilled and overjoyed when he landed the role of Cole Ortiz on the hit television show 24.

As an unexpected bonus, Prinze's role on 24 required physical training and conditioning which have increased his muscle mass and improved his muscle tone.
If your marriage or relationship is being strained due to unemployment, finding a job may help alleviate the pressure and save your marriage.”

So now I am angry with the producers of 24 as it has long been my fondest wish that Sarah would someday marry a better actor! Come on Kieffer, get IN there!!!


In other 24 news, word has it that Kieffer Sutherland is not quite as invulnerable as Jack Bauer. Sutherland is having surgery to address a ruptured cyst (according to the LA Times). While production on 24 has been temporarily shut down, Sutherland is expected to be back in a week and that this will not interrupt the broadcast schedule going forward.


Rumor has it that Paramount and Marvel Entertainment are close to signing actor Chris Pine, who is known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek. It can’t get better than this! Captain Kirk AND Captain America in one lifetime!! To be serious though, I really think this would be a great bit of casting and would give the project immediate legitimacy!

Speaking of Star Trek alum, it looks like Ronald D. Moore has hit another one out of the park with his Battlestar prequel, Caprica. It's set on the planet Caprica, 58 years before Battlestar, and illustrates how humanity came to create the robotic Cylons. It also introduces us to the dad of one of TV's most respected space commanders: William Adama, who's just a boy in Caprica.
The show is only into it’s first half dozen episodes and we have already had episodes focusing on, among other things, the nature of sentience, terrorism and it’s impact on the survivors, science and ethics, and cultism and the manipulation of the young. And that is just in the first MONTH! One of the great strengths of Battlestar Galactica was that it dealt with real world issues in a sci-fi universe (not unlike Star Trek). As long as Moore keeps Caprica on this path, it will be more than just another forgettable actioner.


Smallville ratings for season 9 have been…well SUPER. Just when you think the show has run it’s course the producers and writers come up with new directions to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. This season is focused on the surviving Kandorians, lead by Zod which parallels events in the Superman comicbooks. Add more new superheroes, the budding Lois/Clark romance and even the Justice Society Of America and the rumors of a TENTH season don’t seem far fetched at all. There is no question that Smallville has been the most successful of the many Superman TV shows (which given the success of those is really saying something!) But you can also make a strong case that Smallville is one of the most successful genre TV shows EVER!


V, which got off to such a great start seems to have disappeared. TV Guide reports that Battlestar’s Cylon Michael Trucco is heading to ABC's alien-invasion series V as the mysterious underground leader, That’s great news but how about getting some episodes on the AIR???!!

Finally, my search for the idiots who cancelled Patrick Warburton’s “The Tick” continues!

That’s 30!


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