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What a week, so many comics, so little time.
First off do not forget this Wednesday, Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool are going to be at the store signing their new book "CHOKER".

Then this weekend is filled with cool stuff to do. This Saturday come to the store and celebrate "Alterna Comics 4th Anniversary"!!

and while your at it come check out my band (The Grieving Process) after you visit with those ALTERNA-NERDS!

Now with all the reminders out of the way onto the comics!!

DC begins their final descent into "Blackest Night".

Marvel unleashes more about The Sentry and his ultimate involvement in "Siege" as well as "Fall Of The Hulks" picking up steam as it hits the ground running and everyone's favorite Doctor causes Wakanda some major pain.

First up to bat DC and some "Blackest Night" tie-in's.


The Black Lanterns taken care of by Mogo last issue, now the combined forces of Kyle Rayner and company have to deal with Red Lantern Guy Gardner. Guy was taken over by the Red Rage Ring after he thought Kyle was killed, now that Kyle was brought back by Natu's love for him, they must fight Guy in an attempt to expunge the Red Ring off his hand. Kyle is told that the only way for them to get the ring off Guy's hand is with the help of a Blue Lantern but their constructs won't hold Guy long enough for them to get anywhere near a Blue Lantern. This is where Mogo steps in and does a rapid detox of the Rage from Guy's system. Guy must face all the good and bad he's done in his life all at once while Mogo has leeches bleed him out and recycle his own blood.
Guy is saved and the Lanterns are called to Earth to battle Nekron for the final battle.
I can't wait for the final battle because all of the build up towards it has been amazing. Pete Tomasi has done an amazing job of creating power struggles for the corps using all the emotional spectrums. Truthfully, as excited about "Brightest Day" I'm almost saddened by the end of "Blackest Night".

5 out of 5 Guy getting pwned by Batman


Having been deputized and given the Blue Ring of Hope by Ganthet, the newly returned Barry Allen has been having a hard time acclimating to the use of the ring along with his powers as The Flash. Haunted by the recently deceased Bart Allen aka Black Lantern Kid Flash, the time traveling Black Lantern Reverse Flash and long time friend Black Lantern Solivar, Wally has his hands full and really needs the help of his friend Wally West aka The Flash.
While all this is going on The Rogues are battling their own as many of the fallen Rogues have returned, one in particular is Black Lantern Capt. Boomerang who was taken by his son Owen and is being fed in an attempt to return him to normal.
While battling Kid Flash, Wally joins him in some sort of speed force connection and he realizes that they can save him because they're all joined by the speed force.
During battle with The Black Lanterns, The Rogues take advantage of their risen comrades sudden interest in the body of Eobard Thawne the Reverse Flash who's currently in a coma but eventually makes him way back in time as a Black Lantern. While they are enamored by Thawne, Capt. Cold freezes the bunch and destroys them along with The Black Lantern Reverse Flash.
Barry connects with Bart and frees him of the Black Ring.
The Rogues find Owen Mercer and his father Capt. Boomerang and they take their revenge on the two.
This series leads into the new Flash series that's coming out after "Blackest Night".
I for one am really excited because it's going to be written by Geoff Johns. This series also takes place after Flash: Rebirth which concludes this week. I wasn't too happy about the flash-forward-flash-backward method between the two books but Johns did his magic and truly pulled it all off.

5 out of 5 Capt. Cold is the illest Rogue EVER!


To defeat The Black Lantern Spectre, Hal Jordan had to unleash Parallax and become his host once again. After invading the body of the Spectre, Parallax releases the real Spectre and destroys the Black Ring. In an attempt to use the Spectre for his own means, Atrocitus gives the Spectre the power of The Red Rage. After a quick explanation, The Spectre reveals that his is not the entity of rage.
Before Parallax has the chance to continue his assault, The Spectre with the love of Carol Ferris, separate the entity of fear from Hal Jordan. In doing so, before Sinestro can save his "master", Parallax is pulled off somewhere unknown to the heroes for now.
The Spectre attempts to pass judgement on Nekron but comes to find out that he cannot because Nekron has no soul and is darkness embodied.

This issue gives a hint that each and every Corps has an entity that they follow. We all knew that Parallax is the entity of fear, with the reveal that the Spectre isn't the entity of rage and his exact words to Atrocitus leading us to believe that there is more to the emotional spectrum than we've seen. Is the reason why the combined power of all the rings not enough to defeat Nekron because the Spectral Entities are the only ones with the power to push back the darkness? We'll just have to wait and see.

5 out of 5 I love Luthor as as Avarice Lantern.

Now over to the Marvel Universe...


If you haven't been reading the latest Black Panther series, I strongly suggest going and reading it before you even open this comic.
If you can't wait and you want to jump in head first I'll give you a quick recap.
T'challa became aware that there was some kind of dissension going on in Wakanda. He realized it was Dr. Doom helping the Desturi, a dissonant group of people that don't agree with the Wakandans and their laws. T'Challa fought Doom and lost. In doing so his sister Shuri was named Black Panther. She's been trying to unravel the mystery of her brother's attack and what was the meaning behind it. T'Challa in the meantime has been training and learning things he never would have as the Black Panther in an attempt to gain the upper hand on Doom.
Flash forward to now and the Desturi have control of Wakanda. Storm is on trial for being a witch and Doom is almost into the vault where the countries supply of Vibranium is stored.
This series is going to be massive. Any fan of Black Panther, Dr. Doom or the Marvel Universe in general will fall madly in love with this story.
Again, if you've never read Black Panther do yourself a huge favor and go check it out. It's an amazing story and leads up to this series.

5 out of 5 DOOM!

"Fall OF THE HULKS"!!!.......

HULK #20

After capturing Dr. Doom and Reed Richards, The Intelligencia continues to collect the greatest minds in the world, next on the list is T'Challa. The Red Hulk steps in to stop his abduction but is thwarted by the intervention of the visiting X-Men. After being beaten by the unlikely combined attacks of Red Ghost and his super apes along with the X-Men, The Red Hulk awakes to find that both Hank McCoy and T'Challa have been taken. A lengthy talk with Banner about how he doesn't need anyone or their help, reveals to the Red Hulk that he and his green counterpart are more alike than he ever knew.
Slowly but surely the pieces are falling into place and the Intelligencia are getting closer to having the combined minds of the "seven greatest minds". What are their ultimate plans? When are we going to find out the Red Hulks identity? What's next? Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

4 out of 5 smashed to death Super Apes.


The Red She-Hulk is attacking the Avengers trying to get Hank Pym and it's up to Banner and Skaar to save him. Quickly following their computer signal, Pym arrives at the Intelligencia's secret base and attacks the Leader and M.O.D.O.K.
As Banner and Skaar arrive and try to save the Avengers from Red She-Hulk, Pym shows up and fights them because he's picking up traces of The Red Hulk's radiation. Little does he know that The Leader has been feeding him the wrong information creating the image of Banner working with them all along.
After being infected by the Red She-Hulk with the Leader's "brain drain", Pym calls in all the Avengers to come and take down Banner, Skaar and Red She-Hulk. Able to escape while they focus on Skaar, Red She-Hulk vanishes with Pym adding him to the Intelligencia's stolen minds.
Later, Bruce leads a team of heroes that have lost someone important in their lives to save Betty Ross and to take down the Intelligencia. Little does Bruce know that Betty isn't anyone's captive and that the Intelligencia aren't even at the base they're attacking.
This just adds more excitement and depth to the storyline as people Banner has been friends with for years are turning their backs on him because he's not sharing his plans or the facts that he knows. The question is posed again and again who's more dangerous, The Hulk? or Bruce Banner the man?


Last but not least, "SIEGE"!


Last issue it was revealed that The Sentry was a drug addict who was looking for drugs when he happened across the secret formula that turned Bob Reynolds; drug addict into The Sentry; drug addict. It was also revealed that the Void has been around for sometime and that it may have potentially been around since the days of Jesus Christ.
This issue delves deeper into the relationship between Victoria Hand and Norman Osborn. Osborn has been coming apart like a cheap suit recently and Ms. Hand has taken notice and finally decided to take a stand for Norman by confronting him about his crumbling psyche. Her fears about him slowly becoming the Green Goblin are growing and she has a lengthy discussion with him about going to a Therapist and to talk about the things in his life that are eating at him. If only she really knew what Norman was doing behind everyone's back that's really getting under his skin. After she lays into him, Ms. Hand takes control of the "Avengers" as she finds "Ms. Marvel" banging her way through the other team members a direct insult to Osborn and HAMMER in general. After telling her to go to her room, "Ms. Marvel" mouths off and gets blasted with a stunner by Ms. Hand.
Meanwhile, the skies over Manhattan darken as The Void has taken control over The Sentry since his wife Lindy blew off his head. Norman races out to talk to him and realizes that this is just a temper tantrum towards Lindy and her growing hatred and fear of him. Norman then explains that if he doesn't stop what he's doing that he's not going to stop anyone from killing him. Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, Tony Stark are all capable of killing The Sentry and if he doesn't stop he wont prevent them from doing so. Norman than promises Sentry/Void that "I've got something worth your vision of the world".
Can it be that during "SIEGE #2" that the Void was in control of the Sentry and it wasn't Bob Reynolds tearing Ares apart?
I can honestly say that after re-reading this issue and giving it serious thought that I really like this concept of the dual personalities with The Sentry. I really like how before Osborn was a bully in control of the weak kid but now the roles are reversing and we find Osborn making negotiations quicker than challenging his opponent.


that's all for me folks!

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