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First and foremost, how rad is the new site? Amazing. Lauren Monardo did such a great job. Did you see the picture she did of Dr. Strange whacking Socko and Tiger with his "STAFF"!.. Now, this week was a lot lighter than last week's blast of funny book madness but this week had some serious ISH hit the fan and hard. I hope you've got you're umbrella's ready cause the blood is raining down.

First up to bat is "SIEGE"..

SIEGE #2 (OF 4)

Last issue was pretty big. The assault on Asgard began and Norman Osborn's plan to rid the earth of the Asgardian's was in full effect. This issue I feel like I can't really say what the big "Boom" in the issue is because it's so big I want you to find out for yourselves and have the same "NO F***IN WAY!" that I did when I read it. The Sentry is really becoming something of a bigger anomaly than we all thought he was. Norman makes a call that none of us saw coming and Thor lays the smack down.
My favorite part of this issue is the rally call that Steve Rogers gives to the Avengers about how "He doesn't care who put Norman Osborn in power or how but he needs to be removed." This is similar to the events that led to Steve becoming Captain America back in World War II. I like how Bendis is almost comparing Norman Osborn to Hitler. Two madmen with their own agenda's twisting people's opinions by mass media hypnosis. The battle is underway and Osborn isn't ready for the real battle that's to come.

5 out of 5 about to get smashed in the face with a shield


Ben Urich, Volstagg and Will Stern are trying to get Volstagg back to Broxton, Oklahoma so that he can answer to the Broxton Police for his crimes in Chicago. HAMMER has the entire state under lock down as the trio continue their travels. Todd Keller is on site at Tinker Air Force Base where HAMMER is staging their forces preparing for the attack on Asgard. Broadcasting his show on site in an attempt to spin Norman Osborn's actions in a favorable light, Todd learns first hand that things aren't what they seem as he interviews a robot Iron Patriot instead of Osborn himself. Agent Abrams of Hammer explains to Keller that Osborn has approved journalists on every ship telling the story of how Norman Osborn took the initiative to strike back against the Asgardians for the "attack" at Soldiers Field.
Volstagg gets seen as HAMMER scans the cars waiting to get through a check-point and he gets to "relieve some stress". Ben and Will get arrested and taken to Tinker Air Force Base and manage to escape.
This miniseries is really cool because it shows how in real life that the media can be used to sway people's views and opinions on matters that they aren't fully aware of all the details. I like how Todd Keller is the spokesman for Norman Osborn and his campaign. The fact that Osborn is using an already established television "know it all" as his puppet is a really smart move on his part. Osborn knows if people found out about what his real motives for everything were, he'd get hung on national television.

5 out of 5 Norse Gods reading fashion magazines.

With those being the only two books dealing with SIEGE, lets head over to the Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate X #1

Finally Art Adams is back on an ongoing book after how many years of just drawing covers! That's the first of many compelling attributes that make you want to read this book. So, it's been months after the events of "ULTIMATUM" and mutants are being hunted, killed or arrested, guess who just found out they were the son of one of the most famous mutants; James Hudson.
After crashing his car in a race, James learns that he has his father's healing factor and after a visit from Kitty Pryde, he also learns that the parents he's always lived with aren't his natural parents and that he also has claws and he can put metal over them.
I was a little leary about this series but like I said before since Art Adams is drawing it and with Jeph Loeb writing it, this series has a lot of potential.
I'm really excited to see what happens with this series because it's a new ongoing and I think it's the replacement for "ULTIMATE X-MEN".

5 out of 5 you've got red on you!

Now, lets head over to the DCU for some "BLACKEST NIGHT" tie-ins.


I really hate that this was just a miniseries because the combination of Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Nei Ruffino is just a match made in heaven.
This is a really fast issue and before you know it it's over. Diana is reveling in the power she has been deputized with temporarily. She's been told so many times by Hal, John, Kyle and Guy how amazing it feels to have such power at your fingertips but to actually have it, Diana is like a person who get's drunk for the first time. She doesn't know what to do first. She talks with Carol Ferris and the two head into battle against the Black Lanterns. First up is Maxwell Lord, who made me laugh because they first thing he says when he sees Diana is "Hey everybody look, my girlfriend's here." He quickly get's dispatched but Diana has to deal with something bigger than Max, she gets attacked by Red Lantern Mera who took Diana's attack on her when Diana was a Black Lantern really personal.
After a tussle and and getting wrapped with the golden lasso, the two come to terms and head off with the rest of the different corps.
Like I said, I'm sad to see this mini end because not only is it a good story but the team of Rucka, Scott and Ruffino is awesome.

4 out of 5 Wonder Woman likes Bondage.

The Question #37

I must say, I'm really disappointed in this the last of the "final issues" dealing with "BLACKEST NIGHT". Renee Montoya, Professor Tot and Lady Shiva all have something they want answered by Charlie aka The Question. Shiva shows up to fight a Black Lantern, Professor Tot wants to know the answers of life and death and Renee just wants her friend back. Charlie comes back and begins to fight all three when Lady Shiva tells them that they need to let go of all emotions they have for Charlie and that in doing so, they'll disappear and he'll be blind to them. They all focus on losing their emotions and say their goodbyes.
This was probably the most boring and really useless of the bunch. I really didn't enjoy it and I don't see what this has to do with anything other than resurrecting the original Question as a Black Lantern.

1 out of 5 gun shot Lady Shiva

now onto a book I think everyone should check out.


This zero issue leads into the graphic novel coming out later this year from Radical Comics and creator, artist and writer Nick Percival. This is Nick's attempt at doing his spin on the classic fairy tales. It's very dirty, slimey and oozes techno organics. We meet Jack from Jack and the beanstalk as one of his many titles as the giant killer. He uses magic beans as a drug that helps him heal and gives him a boost while fighting off a pair of giants. We then meet a tree like Pinocchio who is being tortured and set on fire. We also meet Red Riding Hood who kills some techno wolves with her sickles.
Nick's artwork is very similar to Simon Bisley's. His style is very dirty and techno organic, with a twist of realism. I can't wait for the graphic novel to come out because the story is very interesting and the artwork is amazing. I recommend everyone pick this issue up considering the fact that it's only a dollar.

5 out of 5 greasy, bloody decapitated giants.


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