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I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day yesterday. I know I had fun trooping in the snow with my wife to get my comics. Today was a pain, having to dig out the car, not fun at all. Anyways, this week wasn't heavy but some sweet stuff did come out and two books in particular I think you should definitely get your hands on.

First up some "Blackest Night" tie-ins.


The third part at this point of the Secret Six's involvement in "Blackest Night". Picking up directly from last issue, The Six and The Squad are knee deep in fighting the newly resurrected Black Lantern versions of heroes and villains that Amanda Waller has been picking apart secretly at Belle Reve while Waller herself is trying to get Scandal Savage to out of the House of Secrets and get the Six to join her and the Squad.
Waller's point of the attack is really to get Deadshot back on the team. He's the one she really wants.
King Faraday alerts everyone that the Black Lanterns cannot be defeated normally and that they need some kind of "Green Lantern level light source to finish them off."
Little does everyone know that inside Waller's secret lab at Belle Reve, she's got a Manhunter that they've recovered from "the swamp".
I wonder if this is a Manhunter left over from "Millennium", when the Manhunters were planning on taking over and attempted to destroy Metahumans.
The Six and The Squad escape Belle Reve via Black Alice stealing Nightshade's powers and creating a portal back to the House of Secrets. There they make a quick alliance to defeat the Black Lanterns that followed them through the portal. Waller brings the Manhunter and some stolen flash grenades taken from Dr. Light and dispatches the Black Lanterns.
The best part of the whole book is the end. Waller threatens the Six if they don't come along and become part of the Suicide Squad so what does Deadshot do?
He shoots Waller in the chest close enough to her heart that they have to take her away immediately to Belle Reve. Deadshot then tells them that if they ever come back or if they ever attempt to even bother his team that he'll kill them on sight, no questions asked just one shot to the head.
Being a huge Suicide Squad fan I'm so happy we got to see John Ostrander return to the team he created and made famous. Gail Simone did a bang up job as well and Jim Calafiore's artwork is amazing. I wish he was the regular artist on the series but I really like Nicola Scott's work too so it's great artwork either way.

5 out of 5 Goon Zombies!


Connor Kent has had a hard life always being controlled by someone. Now, he's being controlled by the Black Lantern Ring and it's hunger for emotions. After Nekron revealing that he has kept all the heroes who have died from really dying in an attempt to use them later on, They all become Black Lanterns. You already knew that though if you read "Blackest Night #5".
Connor has developed strong mental barriers due to his life being filled with people controlling him. Inside his mind, Connor is withering away as he watches his body try to kill Cassie aka Wonder Girl. Using his mental know how, he manages to etch out the word "Fortress". Cassie gets the hint and heads to the Fortress of Solitude.
There his body is being repaired in the same device that restored Superman after he died during his battle with Doomsday. Technically, there are two Connor Kent's on earth right now because Connor was released in the 31st century by the Legion of Superheroes during "The Legion of three worlds" mini-series.
There they use his "dead" body as bait to get the ring off him.
Not a bad story, it's nice that DC is explaining how certain characters are getting the black rings off. I don't really have any complaints about this issue. I wish it did have it's usual "Legion of Superheroes" back up that the book normally contains.

4 out of 5 FREEZY BREATHS!

Now, two books in particular came out this week that I took a chance on and I really enjoyed. I think you should do the same and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


From creator Tim Seely of Hack/Slash fame comes his homage to the 1980's and it's amazing toy lines / cartoons.
This book is actually the printed version of the book which has been online for quite some time over @

Welcome to Planet Solus: a world of magic and monsters. Prince Jaysen, the main character, finds the mystical figure of action, an artifact that allows him to transform into COLT NOBLE, PALADIN OF POWER.
Hoodoo Hex, a stygian witch gets drunk one night and decides to summon a boyfriend for herself, someone who will accept her. She summons forth Archfiend, Lord of Annihilation.
Archfiend decides to take over the world and needs some minions. After breaking into Necropont Penitentiary, he finds a rag tag crew of "minions".
Arsenic Black, Binox, Dethbreath, fourhead and Scamp are the worst of the worst.
Capturing the King and War-Man, Archfiend is defeated by Mareea and Colt Noble, really Prince Jaysen.
I laughed my ass off throughout the issue because the dialogue is hysterical and the visuals of a fifteen year old in the buff body of a "Hero" trying to impress Mareea to get laid is awesome.
I really loved the similarities between the cast of Colt Noble and He-Man. Anyone who grew up in the 80's will immediately pick this up and love every last panel.
The exclusive to this printed version of the webcomic is the back up story of the Animaliens, other group of heroes mirroring a famous 80's icon, The Thundercats.
If you're an 80's baby or just a fan of great story telling and an awesome example of Tim Seely's skills as a writer as well as an artist, this book is for you.

5 out of 5 don't pee in space because it'll follow you!


Andy Wussler is a nerdy guy who lives alone and doesn't have any friends. One night he sees an ad on t.v for "Lifemate"; a company that creates mates for lonely people. Andy heads down and has a mate created for him. Debbie, his Lifemate creation shows up and gives him all the sex and companionship he could ask for. After a while, Andy gets bored with Debbie because she has no sense of self. He asks her opinion about a movie they had seen and he gets frustrated because she just yes' him. She likes what he likes, if he enjoyed it, she enjoyed it.
Andy's eating lunch one day when one of his co-workers Samantha, whom he asked out and she told him her mother was sick, asks him why he hasn't called her again. He thought she wasn't interested and didn't want to bother her. They begin seeing each other and he begins to neglect Debbie. He comes home from work and just rushes to bed or comes home, showers and runs out.
Eventually Debbie realizes what's going on as Andy calls Lifemate and explains he doesn't want want her anymore. Debbie begs him to keep her because she'll be scrapped since she was created solely for him.
The end has a real shocking twist and you never really see it coming.
This story was really good. It's a combination of a love gone wrong / stalker story with a twist because the stalker is a robot.
I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to see what the next issue has in story since each issue is a stand alone story.
The lesson learned is the perfect mate isn't always what you want.

5 out of 5 robotic sex slaves.

Sadly, I was going to review "CHOKER #1" this week but Diamond messed up and the book isn't going to ship until next week. I can't really complain because in two weeks, Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith will both be at COMIC BOOK JONES signing copies of the book kicking off their "CHOKER TOUR".


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