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What up World!!!
What's cracklin...less than a week away til Halloween! YeS! It's always a good time on All Halloweens Eve. Last year I sewed my lips together. FOR REAL! What am I going to do this year to top that?? Only time will tell and I'll post a picture here next week. Anyone get the new game Brutal Legend?? Awesome! It's every metal heads dream come true. F Rock band and F Guitar Hero.. It's all about Brutal Legend and the head bang! Hahaha...A word to the wise, if it's like your bands first show or whatever, don't bring your mom and her MILF friends to the show if they're a bunch of drunken lushes and get wasted faster than a roll of toilet paper at a chili eating contest.."know what I am saying" it just doesn't look good for you or your band. With that little piece of advice lets get into it...

Hector Plasm Totentanz One - Shot

Ok so I'm a horror fan who doesn't read enough Horror comics?? Is that humanly possible? Yes it is. I read so many "super hero books" that I tend to forget my roots. I was the kid at one time that said "Hey Socko, put me on some good Horror Comics" and proceeded to walk around with him and buy basically everything he recommended, that was 2003 and I had just got back into comics but that's another story in itself. This weeks first book is "Hector Plasm". I had heard about the last one-shot that came out and never got around to really giving it a good once through. This past week the new one shot came out "Totentanz". Hector is a Benandanti, which means he can see spirits good and evil via they're aura's. Hector helps those ghosts and such in need and kicks the ish outta the bad ones. The story is very simple, His mother gave him up so he could learn to use his skills. He was born with a fetal flap of skin over his face during birth that's what alerted everyone to his "abilities". He is followed by two spirits, one good and one evil and they both make for good cannon fodder. The book is all reprints of short stories that were printed in early issues of Invincible with a few new pin ups for Halloween. The artwork is mostly done by Nate Bellegarde (artist for the now defunct Robert Kirkman Brit series)but at times I swore it was Ryan Ottley. If your all about short horror stories and a good laugh then this is your book. Author Benito Cereno does a bang up job of keeping it simple and to the point. I wish this was a monthly series but I think if enough of us read the book and let them know how much we love it and would love to buy it every month, we might get our wish.

5 out of 5!

The Anchor #1

This is probably my new favorite book! Everything about this book is awesome. The concept is "Clem" as he's dubbed by the one human being he meets that actually talks to him is in two places at once. His soul is in hell constantly fighting back the hordes of hell and his body is on earth battling demons and monsters alike. This is a creator owned project by fan favorite writer/artist Phil Hester along with artist Brian Churilla. I had to hunt this book down because it sold out at CBJ the Wednesday it came out. It was really worth the hunt. It's got elements of Hellboy along with a taste of The Goon. Anyone looking for a new series that has tons of potential to become something great should really go and check this book out as soon as possible.

5 out of 5

Mighty Avengers #30

Being a huge Avengers fan, I had to tell everyone about this issue.
First off, Stature (from the young avengers and now a member of the Mighty Avengers) calls in all Avengers to battle The Unspoken; an exiled Inhuman king who has awoke in China and is about to unless havoc upon the earth.
Secondly, Hank Pym goes to explore the world past The Macroverse (a subatomic universe) to a place he and Reed Richards call the Overspace where he meets Eternity.
For those of you who don't know, Eternity is the living embodiment of everything in the universe.
Eternity kicks the crap out of Pym and tells him to stop blaming "life" (which means Eternity) for everything sucking. He then goes on to explain how Pym is his Scientist Supreme. He explains how Reed Richards is the Explorer, he uses science for pure discovery. Tony Stark is the Engineer and he uses science to shape his world and his destiny. Pym is the Mage because he uses science in such a way that it's closest to magic. He then proceeds to tell Pym that he will be the one to usher in a new age of super heroes and to get it together now!
Thirdly and this is my favorite, while all this is going on with The Unspoken kicking ass in China and Pym getting schooled on life, The Avengers all meet up at the new Infinite Avengers Mansion before heading out to fight The Unspoken. Jarvis is bringing in drinks and crying, Hercules turns around and asks him what's wrong and he says "I'm fine master Hercules, it's just been so long." Simple and maybe dumb but for someone like me this scene is AWESOME!!! We haven't had a get together of multiple Avengers since Kurt Busiek's run. This is your classic Avengers atmosphere. Everyone meets up at the Mansion and then goes and kicks ass. AWESOME! Thank you Dan Slott and Christos Gage!

5 out of 5

Blackest Night Superman #3 (of 3)

This weeks helping of Blackest Night brings us the final issue to the Superman portion. Another book that I thought should have been a little longer because things seemed rushed. In this issue we find out two more facts that will come into play during the main story I'm sure. To stop the Black Lanterns, Superboy takes Psycho Pirate's mask (which doles out different emotions) and uses it on Psycho Pirate and Earth 2 Superman, re-killing them both and ending their reign of terror. The Second is that to stop the lanterns from killing everyone on New Krypton, they put up a shield that locks everything out but locks everyone in. Good and Bad but altogether not a bad little miniseries. I think they could have fleshed the story out and made the series a six issue but I'm not in charge.

3 out of 5

Thunderbolts #137
Rick Remender, check.
Power Man and Iron Fist one shot reunion in Thunderbolts, check.
One giant issue of awesome and just another reason Marvel needs to bring back Power man and Iron Fist as a series, OOOOH CHECK!

My brother and I have been waiting for this issue ever since we saw it solicited in Previews. We're both big Luke Cage and Iron Fist fans and even bigger Rick Remender fans. Norman Osborn kidnaps Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and runs him through a virtual reality simulation of killing his fellow Avengers but he just can't kill Luke Cage. What does Norman do? Kidnaps Luke and tries to brainwash him too so that they can both kill their fellow team mates and add two more members to The Thunderbolts. It's classic Power Man and Iron Fist humor, banter and fighting between each other as Luke (as always) tries to stop Danny from killing him. The brainwashing wears off when Luke talks about how their children are going to play together just like they've always planned. I want a Power Man and Iron Fist book again!!
If you don't know anything about what I'm talking about do yourself a favor, go pick up the Marvel Essentials Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1 & 2. You'll thank me when you're done reading it.

5 out of 5

Now What I'm Jonesin' for this week in Comics!
NECROSHA one shot

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