Monday, October 12, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Whaddup World,
Monday afternoon here in good ole Staten Island, after a long ass weekend. My girlfriend and I headed down to Baltimore for the Comic Con and man was it awesome. This convention is amazing, not only are you hanging with the top names in the comics and the coolest up and comers without 9 billion people in front of you but you get to talk and hang with everyone like they were your best friends. If you get the chance next year take the trip down there and go. It's so worth the drive.
I was filming for a friend, who has a web show coming out soon called "The Comic Show" and all the footage should be on youtube this week so look up "The Comic Show" and see who I interviewed and what Baltimore Con really looked like.
Big Ups to our friends and family that we got to see and hang with, Sucks I couldn't stay longer but next time its on!

Motorcycle Boy Graphic Novel #1

So I was interviewing Steve Niles for the show and his sister Janice was there selling her photography. We got into talking about what I was doing and she asked if she could introduce me to someone. I said yes of course and off we went to meet Billy Poe author and star of the comic "MOTORCYCLE BOY". I interviewed Billy for the show and listening to him explain the concept of the book I was very interested to read it. The basic story was built from a poem he had written when a childhood friend of his was murdered. The book grew from the poem and the character of Motorcycle Boy was given life. The book is very unusual for a comic, Intertwined within the pages are the poems which Billy wrote that act as the dialogue and direction for the artwork and story itself. The premise of the story is Billy Nex (Nex being a latin word for death) finds out a friend of his who is a junkie is murdered in D.C and the case is swept under the carpet because they brand it as him just being another junkie dying in a alley. Billy wants to find out who murdered his friend and takes justice into his own hands. The vigilante concept has been done to death in movies and comics but the way Motorcycle Boy is done is really good because Billy Nex has no previous military or police background, it's just an average guy who takes matters into his own hands. This first graphic novel is also really cool because it's not drenched in blood, it's not overly violent for the sake of violence and like I said the dialogue is very far and few between. The poems speak for everything. As of right now Motorcycle Boy isn't available through diamond or comic shops so go online and check out their site and order it direct from them.

5 out of 5

Love in the time of damnation #1 & 2

While standing around talking with Socko and Boomie, I was given 2 issues of a very independent comic. I got home, sat down and finally got a chance to check it out. At first glance it's very simple. Black and white printed out self produced indie style book. This would turn most people off from even reading it but if your a true comic fan this doesn't stop you EVER!. I read issue one and found myself rushing to read the second. The story is plain and simple. Frank and Mitch, two friends, are thrown head first into the Zombie Apocalypse. Unlike most zombie comics, we're not given the drama of "Oh my god what are they and what are we supposed to do" These dudes know right off the bat what's going on and how to deal with the situation. They get supplies and head off to a house in the mountains where they plan to survive in. The artwork is simple as well as the dialogue, like I said these guys aren't questioning anything, they know what's going on and how to deal with it. It's a simple story with simple characters but it's something any horror enthusiast can enjoy. Exaggerated Comics the self published company that puts out this fine book isn't distributed through diamond or comic shops but they have a blogspot and you should check it out and get in touch with them to get yourself copies of the book.

5 out of 5


New to comics this week we get this amazing book! I've been waiting for this since Brother Voodoo was named Dr. Strange's replacement in the pages of New Avengers. Not only does Marvel give one of it's more underused characters a book but they also give RICK FRICKIN REMENDER the writting duties! This book is probably my new favorite title. This issue gives a a look into what Dr Strange and the newly named Dr. Voodoo have been up to since they disappeared in New Avengers. Dr Voodoo rolls up on Dormammu and banishes him from the earth realm for the time being, then he battles Dr. Doom for the Eye of Amagatto. Dr. Doom see's something in the eye and runs off...what did he see?

5 out of 5!!


Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Greg Capullo together on a new book!! WoW!! Yes, this fantastic foursome comes together to bring life to the new title from Image Comics; Haunt. Haunt is about a mercenary who is killed and comes back to life or comes back as a ghost who only his brother can see (Spawn-ish?) When his brother's life in put in danger while looking after his dead brother's wife, they "merge" to become Haunt and they shoot weblike symbiote suit stuff..I'm sorry I really wanted to like this comic and I do like it but at first glance this book is riddled with Spawn and almost Spider-Man like qualities. Robert Kirkman may be scripting it but McFarlane is plotting it and I feel like he's really taking elements from himself. The layouts are done by Greg Capullo (famous Spawn artist) and Ryan Ottley puts the finishing touches on everything. It's a well done book and I'm on for the ride because I'm a big fan of everyone involved but I'm skeptical about what may come..

3 out of 5

and that's all folks...

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Lauren said...

Awesome review of MotorcycleBoy! No biggie..but my name is Jackie..not Janice! Glad you hooked up with Billy and enjoed the convention

Jackie Cutlip-Niles

Lauren said...

make that enjoyed!

and who is lauren?

Anonymous said...

WOW, I thought I was the only one that met Motorcycle boy. Billy Poe.
I was impressed with Billy and his book and your Blog. I will keep my eye on you blog for more great veiws and Can't wait for the next Motor cycle boy's next book.
Fever the Fan from Maryland.