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Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What up world!
Go see Pandorum. I saw it the other day and it's the sleeper movie of the fall. That shit was awesome! Any fan of "Event Horizon" will really dig this flick. I know everyone's waiting for Zombieland, so am I. Anyways, I've got some thangs to say about books this week.,,

Marvel Zombies Return #5

Hold on a second I'm beating a dead horse...Whip..whip..whip...WTF!!!! I can sit here for hours and bitch and complain about how this series could've been cool but I won't waste your time or get myself angry all over again. Simply put, this series was a serious let down and I think Marvel should stop doing anything with this property and quick. Here's what gets me; Zombie Spider-Man comes up with "the cure" which turns out to be a zombie flesh eating nanite infested Sandman who destroys the undead upon contact. GREAT IDEA! Yet, Spidey is accompanied by Zombie Hulk and Zombie Wolverine who are fighting to save the DEAD EARTH THEY FAILED TO SAVE!!!!!! WTF! The Sentry is the head honcho in charge of the new "MARVEL ZOMBIES" and gets sent to another earth by the not-so-dead Watcher. Which is the begining and the end of the entire story. BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of 5 weeks of reading this garbage. I had high hopes but then the toilet flushed and they went down the drain

-10,000 out of 5!

Dark Reign The Hood

This week offered the last issue to The Hood's second miniseries. We all know he's a member of Norman Osborn's Cabal and that he's got this Super-Villain army backing him and his methods of mob-esque tactics work above and beyond his cohorts expectations. What we also know is that Parker Robbins aka The Hood has a wife and small daughter who he keeps secret from everyone and does a hell of a job hiding it. The series as a whole is about how Parker is dealing with giving up Dormammu's influence and powers because he feels it's consuming him and how The White Fang(a widow who's husband Parker killed) follows him and finds out about his family. Great Concept, well done up until this last issue came out and then everything went out the window. Who the hell challenges someone to a one on one fight on THE STATEN ISLAND DUMPS??? HOW IN NEW AVENGERS IS PARKER WITH MADAM MASQUE AND LOKI LOCATING A NEW POWER SOURCE FOR HIM TO REPLACE THE POWERS HE LOST WHEN HE REVOKED DORMAMMU'S POWERS AND INFLUENCE?? HOW THE HELL AT THE END OF ISSUE FIVE OF THIS MINI DOES PARKER SUDDENLY STILL HAVE DORMAMMU'S POWERS???? WHERES THE CONTINUITY?? WHERE'S THE TIME FRAME BETWEEN THIS BOOK AND NEW AVENGERS??? HELLO IS ANYONE ELSE GETTING FRUSTRATED WITH THIS BULL!!

2 out of 5

Gotham City Sirens #4

If you're not reading this book I feel bad for you. It's a good replacement for Birds Of Prey and it's written by some dude named PAUL DINI! You know him from some cartoon shows like Batman the animated series or Justice League Unlimited. Picking up from last issue, Hush now posing as Bruce Wayne has "kidnapped" Harley Quinn and plans to kick her off this shwank high rise hot spot when MR. J (aka The Joker) see's Harley on the news with Bruce and decides if he can't stand her then no one can have her. Classic Paul Dini in this issue, between Joker's thugs bitching about wearing the stupid outfits to the banter between the Joker and Harley. This issue felt like it was an adaptation of a Batman the animated series episode. Like I said if you're not reading this book I truly feel bad for you.

5 out of 5

Teen Titans #75

I think this is the book that DC uses to kill characters. It should be called Teen Martyrs or something along those lines. Last issue they buried another member of the team, Kid Devil who got blown up helping the team save the day. This issue starts with the remaining team ( a term I use very loosely) sitting down eating, waiting for Beast Boy to show up. Beast Boy arrives and starts stating his case of how he should be the leader of The Teen Titans, for what reason..we'll have to wait and see. Raven is attacked by some other dimensional monster and thats the issue. There is so much going on in the DCU that can and hasn't been addressed in this book. Every time you turn around either they're losing a member, someone dies or they're having a membership drive. In my personal opinion this book needs to go somewhere or just get canceled.

2 out of 5

Spider-Man The Clone Saga #1 (of 6)

Either you loved it, hated it, didn't read it or just don't know about it. The Clone saga was a two year venture by Marvel to reboot Spider-Man that just went on for too long, lost the point and pissed plenty of people off. This is Marvel's and two of the many writers attempt to retell the story the way it was intended to be told. Short and sweet. The first issue reintroduces Ben Reily into Peter's life albeit very quickly but it references the original clone story from back in 1975. I was lucky / unlucky enough to begin collecting comics around the time this all came about so I have a decent knowledge of the ups and downs of the story. I would recommend this to anyone because thus far it's got the potential to make sense out of something that didn't and for new readers who never read all the b.s. can get a cool story in only six issues.

5 out of 5

Green Lantern #46 & Blackest Night Titans #2

This weeks helping of Blackest Night gives us Green Lantern #46. Sinestro goes to Zamaron to get the trapped members of the Sinestro Corps to find the planet under siege by The Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Indigo-1 show up to recruit Sinestro's help in saving the universe from The Blackest Night from coming to fruition. The uneasy pact is made and they journey to Daxam where Sinestro shows Mongul who the real boss of the "I name my own Corps" is. Why do I get the feeling that Sinestro is going to become the "White Lantern"? He could have killed Mongul but he seals him within the Yellow Lantern Core...exciting cool and yet just what exactly does he have planned for him?

5 out of 5

Blackest Night Titans #2 was the next offering this week and it gives way for new potential with these "zombie" Lanterns. Donna Troy is confronted by her dead husband and child whom are just the most twisted things to come back especially for her. She holds the kid in her arms and he bites her...Later on in the issue, we see her eyes have the "Black Lantern" symbol and her veins start bulging black. Now does this mean that you don't need a ring or to be dead to become a Black Lantern? If so that would be cool as shit. Furthermore, Hawk (the girl) gets turned by Hawk (the man) into a Black Lantern and they both hunt down Dove. The ending is the best part where we see.....I can't spoil everything...

5 out of 5..

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