Friday, October 16, 2009


OK, if any of you chuckle heads are going to Big Apple Con this weekend, have fun! And if you see any of us there make sure you say hello. We've got a great week in comics coming up as well as some fun little developments and surprises in store for all of you unfolding over the next few months so stay with us and we're sure you'll be pleased.

Also, if you haven't done so already, make sure you keep on checking the website for daily blog updates featuring some reviews, great factoids and other cool stuff. On that same note FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! We do daily sales and they are really good, I promise you!


Back by popular demand we'll be raffling off another gift certificate, this time for $100! Yes, its true! Buy as many raffle tickets as you like and as always tickets are only one dollar a pop. This raffle will end on Wednesday, October 28th.


E-mail us your full name and birthday and receive a special gift from us when your special day arrives! Send your e-mail to with the subject line "Birthday."


Amazing Spider-Man Pres. Anti-Venom #2 - 10/28/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
Captain America Death of Omnibus HC - 11/25/09 (Old Date 11/4/09)
Captain America Reborn #4 - 10/28/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
Dark Reign Hawkeye #5 - 11/4/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
Dark Tower Fall of Gilead #6 - 11/4/09 (Old Date 10/28/09)
Hulk: Green Hulk/Red Hulk HC - 11/11/09 (Old Date 11/4/09)
Marvel Divas #4 - 10/28/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus Vol 2 HC - 12/9/09 (Old Date 10/7/09)
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #2 - 10/28/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
Vengeance of Moon Knight #3 - 11/11/09 (Old Date 11/18/09)
X-Factor #50 - 10/28/09 (Old Date 10/21/09)
X-Men Wolverine Gambit HC - 11/11/09 (Old Date 10/7/09)

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