Monday, August 17, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Damn..What a week in comics..So many good books, soo little time...Let's just right into the thick of it...

First off I'm trying something new here because I don't want to waste space or your attention while I have it so, I'm going to combo review some books that came out this week.

Blackest Night #2

Blackest Night Batman #1

Green Lantern Corps #39

Blackest Night #2 just kills. Plain and freaking simple. It's amazing and keeps you turning the page wanting more and more. The shit hasn't even started to hit the fan and wow when it does I don't think we're going to be ready for it. Aquaman takes the main stage in this issue and Geoff Johns does an amazing job of turning him into this sadistic and maniacal monster. Poor Aqua lad aka Garth..All he wanted to do was bury his mentor in Atlantis and set things for him. JLA ZOMBIFIED NEXT ISSUE!!! WHAT?!?!

Blackest Night Batman #1 was a big surprise. I'm not one for mini's dealing with a bigger story that just doesn't fit in the proper title but this was a serious home run. So Dead man aka Boston Brand has his body turned into a Black Lantern, he tries to jump into it and attempt to stop it from leaving it's grave but the sheer madness that follows forces him out and in search of Batman. In doing so he body jumps into Dick and then into Damien and finds out real quick what's been going on with them and gives them the heads up as to what's happening and how it's all going down...too bad for Dick because they just so happen to arrive at the Grayson's grave and it's empty...AWESOME PLOT TWIST!!!

Green Lantern Corps #39 finds us back in space with Kyle and Guy heading back to OA after their trip to earth honoring their dead heroes and loved ones. They're hit with the black rings racing towards Oa. They follow in step and find that they're what seems like the last of the Corps still standing. As they fight to save Oa (now powerless due to the fact that the main power battery is destroyed) aand stop the unknown rings from whatever it is they're trying to do, the rings invade the Lantern Morgue and someone better get a witness cause the shit has hit the fan!

Awesome stuff from DC! I think it's looking like it's going to be better than Marvel Zombies..but we'll wait and see.
5 out of 5 for all three issues!

Adventure Comics #1

Superboy being back is cool. Seeing him try to follow in Superman's steps as he lives in Smallville again, cool. Seeing him trying to make sense of Lex Luthor, AWESOME!
Another book being written by Geoff Johns and another home run for him. Geoff Johns is DC's match for Bendis at this point. The man is writing everything. The back-up story with Starman was dope as hell because you come to find out he's still here for a reason and there are more Legion members placed to help him in whatever mission they must complete. Great stuff! Pick it up, you don't want to miss this.

5 out of 5

Deadpool #13

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's the best way to describe this issue. I can't say much because they laughs are nonstop. I'm still a little pissed off how last issue ended off but this issue makes up for it with how funny Daniel Way can write Deadpool...hahahaha "You're a in parrot!!" hahaha

5 out of 5

Ultimate Comic Avengers#1

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Ultimates Comics Relaunch. Ult. Avengers started off with a bang. Captain America has gone awol after finding out some vital information, pertaining to his son? Carlos Pacheo's art is's almost movie quality. The man was born to draw these characters. Ult. Spider-Man catches Peter 6 months after Ultimatum. He's got a new job working fast food and Spider-man gets some love from the police?? pretty interesting. The Kingpin takes a swan dive and Mysterio makes some moves...

5 out of 5 for both books!

Thats all folks!!

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