Thursday, August 27, 2009

And now for something TOTALLY random...

Musings of a Degenerate Comic Book Collector

My daughter is starting college. Moving up to the dorm this week. Leaving the nest! Now I adore my daughter, do not want her to go. But for a minute there…just a minute I wondered how many of my comics I could store in her room!

They really should team up Batman and Wolverine someday in a serious mini-series. One is indomitable the other is inevitable.

I wonder where all those old Atlas comics, like Planet Of Vampires, wound up. Is there a special landfill for that?

Is anyone else out there considering a second home just for their statues, busts and maquettes?

Warner animation totally kicks Marvel animation’s butt.

One of the best things about Darkest Night is that you KNOW it is making Dr. Wertham spin in his grave.

Now that I think about it someone needs to call Geoff Johns and have him make Dr. Wertham a Black Lantern.

If it wasn’t for Dark Horse and IDW, I would never have gotten over the cancellation of Buffy and Angel. And what is life without THAT!?

Sue Richards could totally kick Wolverine’s butt in a fight.

Comics breed like loose change in seat cushions.

Barbara Gordon may be the most positive role model in comics today.

If you are going to dress up as Batman for Comic-con and you have a pot belly, go with the Adam West Batman and not the Christian Bale Batman because that would just be wrong.

After all these years Ben Grimm remains the ever lovin’, bashful blue eyed, idol of millions.

I didn’t realize how much Spiderman (and I) missed Mary Jane until she came back.

On that note, Cap is (almost) back …and there’s gonna be trouble!

If your tastes trend towards baker Street may I recommend the current Sherlock Holmes comic. You may have missed it but it is worth a read!

And that's 30!


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