Sunday, June 14, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Herro Shilren!

Back again for another installment of my rants and raves about what rocked and what sucked in comics. On a side note, make sure you watch True Blood tonight @ 9! It's going to be awesome and it's the only "tv show" I watch so yeah...


I'm going to quote my brother on this one "This should have come out before Batman and Robin #1" and "Thank God Judd Winick is back on Batman, I can finally buy it again". This issue really should've come out before "Batman and Robin" did for the sheer fact that it actually explains what happened at the end of "Battle for the cowl". I'm really happy to have Judd Winick back on Batman as well as Ed Benes doing the artwork. I can't ruin the story for you but it's worth all the b.s Grant Morrison put us loyal readers through.

4 out of 5"/>
Red Robin #1

Chris Yost doing a Dc book is probably the smartest thing they've done this year. His writting is captivating and encompasses everything going in the story within the short 22 pgs comics hold. This book picks up with Tim WAYNE going to Europe to clear his head after everything thats gone on and is going on back home in Gotham as the newly guised RED ROBIN (which he chose to seperate himself from Bruce and the rest of the family so there's not link between him and them) Damn this book was good. Chris Yost bangs this one out of the park for sure.

5 out of 5"/>
Titans #14

Ok, I really liked this book when it first came out. Judd Winick left and it was mediocre. Now it just sucks! Why does Cyborg need a solo story with so much shit going on in the DCU?? Why?? For what reason?!! GARBAGE!!!

-1 out of 5!"/>
Fantastic Four #567

Thank you! Finally Mark Millar after all the waiting for something really good to happen finally comes through!! Doom's master puts the hurt to him and ish really goes down. Awesome.

5 out of 5!"/>
War of Kings Savage World of Skaar

Let's be realistic here, I love the Galactic Marvel Universe. I've been saying since "Annihilation" that it's about time they did something and revamped some old unused characters but come on... To have Gorgon and Starbolt crash land on Saakar and have the typical "enemy of my enemy is my friend" is bullshit! Come on this book could've been a lot better. A Lot Better! sorry folks..

2 out of 5

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