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Damn I have a lot of books to talk about. Some really great number one issues came out and some really terrible ones came out. At this point in my life, a book either grabs me and makes me fiend for more or I just want to rip it into a million pieces and curse like a sailor. Comics truly have the ability to make the reader either love, hate, cry or frustrate with the characters and situations they're put in. This week I'd like to talk about some books that really hit me and made me want to say something about them as opposed to the typical run of the mill books.


What an amazing story told from 4 different writers eyes. The story is about Dennis Sykes who is your typical 9-5 guy who hates his job and fears that he's losing his family because of his overwhelming work schedule. Dennis is also very worried that his time is so short and that he'll never get to do the things he really wants to do instead of the things he's has to. He and his wife are the foster parents to his niece, who rejects their affection at every turn. She's very hardened by the fact that she lost both of her parents in a car crash and is now forced to live with her Aunt and Uncle.
One day, Dennis decides to help out a Radioactive Hazard truck driver who's being robbed by two junkies looking for drugs on the truck. Of course, Dennis is beat up really bad and has some kind of toxic waste splashed in his face and it gets in his mouth..
Dennis is saved by The Thing and taken to The Baxter building where he's told by Reed Richards that he had Cancer and that the waste is somehow speeding up the process and that Dennis only has one month to live.
Dennis hides this fact from his wife and niece and finds out that he now has some kind of powers over molecules and he can rearrange things however he likes.
He decides to use his powers to rob a bank but then gets caught by his wife and niece who entice him to return what he took, in doing so, he's "attacked" by Spider-Man with whom after a quick conversation helps escape the police and they talk about being a hero. This is where Dennis decides that he's going to put his abilities to good use and make even better use of his time left before he dies.
The story takes Dennis on an adventure with the FF to stop Ego, swinging around NYC with Spider-Man and finally to the Savage Land where he saves his niece instead of saving himself.
This story is amazing and I really hope that Marvel somehow sheds some light on it and makes Dennis and his story something bigger than it is. I highly recommend anyone to buy this book when it comes out in trade because it's just a really tear jerking story about a simple man put into a situation and watching him deal with it the best way he can.

5 OUT OF 5!!!


Ugh! I saw that Joe Hill (Locke and Key) and one of the best horror artists out today Nate Jones were doing this one shot book. I missed it when it came out but quickly got it once I found out about this epic team up..Needless to say I wish I had just forgot it. This story is lame and boring. It's sad to see such a great team wasted on a $**T book. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid this book at all costs. If you wanna just read it and check it out cool but as far as buying it..Save your money for something the "1 MONTH 2 LIVE" TPB...

1 out of 5


I'm sure you've seen the promo's for this new book from Image. Of course we've all asked ourselves.."Well, what is it? What's it about?" Simple answer, it's a book set in some kind of Medieval Time and it's about two unnamed goons for hire. It's really weird that the main characters don't have names and that you really don't know what's going on aside from them hunting down a Werewolf in the beginning of the story and getting hired to break someone out of jail. It's very intriguing and actually works in the books benefit because you're drawn into this world and these characters and you really want to find out more about what the hell is going on. I think everyone should check this book out and give it a spin. I'm sure it'll wind up being the next "Chew".

5 out of 5


OH MY GOD I REALLY HATE MARVEL OVERUSING CHARACTERS AND ESPECIALLY DEADPOOL!! What a crappy book. I figured, maybe because it's a MAX book that someone would write Deadpool serious and make him a badass assassin who cracks random jokes but still has a real seriousness to the book..WRONG! It's the same old Deadpool except this time, everyone else around him curses and does horrible things. I was praying this book would be like "The Punisher MAX" and really kick ass and take names but no, it didn' sucks in my opinion.

1 out of 5


What the hell is going on? I'm confused..The last time we saw Apocalypse in the 616 universe, he turned Gambit into Death and got his ass kicked by the X-Men and flew off in his ship to who knows where..Now apparently he's being reborn as a child?? What?
Other than this problem, the book was really good, author Rick Remender really knocks this one out of the park with his usage of the characters. You can almost feel that he's done his homework as far as the relationships between characters go and he's using that to his advantage. The emotions between Psylocke and Archangel almost bleed off the pages and remind me of when they were an item back in the "90's".
I'm excited to see where this is going to go and what ramifications, this will have on the rest of the X-titles at some point in time...

5 out of 5


The next big event has been unleashed and of all the heroes, Hercules the most underrated characters is leading the charge. King Chaos, the blackness of the universe has decided to once again, erase all existence and return to the nothingness. Hercules, who is recently returned from exile in the false dimension that Hera created, he's now the God of Heroes and the King of Gods. Of course, when he comes to assemble everyone and tell them of the coming onslaught, no one believes him because..well it's Hercules, everyone's favorite drunken Olympian.
I really think everyone should jump on this book because Marvel is comparing it to such events like "Infinity Gauntlet" and "Secret Wars".
Plus, who doesn't love Hercules?? I mean really come on.. I'd follow him.

5 out of 5

I've got a couple more books to talk about but I don't want to take up space so, I'll call this part one of this weeks blog..

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DarkFlameAngelus said...

Re: Apocalypse being reborn - Are you talking about the Blood of Apocalypse story from X-Men Legacy #183-187? I could swear the ending of that story was Apocalypse in his ship waiting to die and remembering that he got his tech from the Celestials, then thinking to himself that his pact with them is over now that he's dying, but he winds up hearing some voice that tells him it's not time yet, it's time for something else. Reread it, I'm pretty positive he dies and gets resurrected in that closing scene.