Friday, October 22, 2010


Insane week at the store! Tons of new stuff and two incredible events!

Oh man, we are incredibly excited about the week to come. If you haven't noticed there are tons of new books coming out this week. Plenty of fan favorite titles including Avengers, Fantastic Four, Action Comics, Green Arrow, and many, many more will all be released this coming Wednesday. If that wasn't enough we are having our Zombie Prom / Walking Dead Party on Friday, October 29th and our Halloween Party featuring Spinal Tap on Sunday, October 31st. Both events will feature some food and drinks (feel free to bring some extra if you like!), special sales and other surprises so make sure you stop by. For more information on each event look no further, just keep reading!

There's still time to get involved in Picture Books Anonymous if you're still interested. Our first book is 100% by Paul Pope, we have some copies available and book club members will receive 25% off. Let us know if you're interested and for more information keep reading.

As always if you have any questions or comments on anything at all shoot us an e-mail at or give us a call at the store - 718-448-1234. See you at the shop!



It's finally arrived, come and join our new graphic novel club entitled Picture Books Anonymous! We'll be meeting once a month (one book per month) and our next meeting will be held on November 1st at 7:00pm. The first book is 100% by Paul Pope. Come down to see what the next book will be and join in on some great conversation. Any books that are chosen for that month will be discounted for book club attendees and we will also be offering a blanket special for book club members - buy any three trades, hardcovers and/or graphic novels and get the fourth one free. SO, with that said, if you are interested in being involved in the book club, send me an e-mail at with your name and information.


We are totally geared up and stoked for the premiere of Walking Dead on AMC this Halloween. The comic series is a store favorite (employees & customers alike) and we can't think of a comic that would make for better episodic television. If you haven't been reading it, then you've really been missing out! Anyway, in honor of the release and with Halloween right there alongside it we thought what better time then Friday, October 29th to throw the baddest Halloween Party around. Come down around 9pm for some extended hours eating and drinking, a special sale and a dance contest hosted by a certain DJ Socko Jones. Dress as a zombie, bring a date, bring a friend, bring whoever you like. We'll be having a contest for best looking zombie and all zombies will receive extra discounts on anything bought that night. DO NOT MISS THIS!


This will quite possibly be one of the most ridiculous events we've ever held. Right off the heels of our Walking Dead Party we'll be showcasing the baddest cover band around playing Spinal Tap songs. Yes, Spinal Tap. We can't wait! The Spinal Tap cover band will be joined by Morning Starlett. The festivities kick off on Halloween, Sunday, October 31st at 9pm. There will be food, drinks, a special sale and a costume contest so come in your best costume! As a quick note, if you've never seen Spinal Tap you really have no excuse at this point - watch the movie before you come.


Many of you always ask us if we buy old comics and as you probably already know, we don't. But, we decided that we would give you an opportunity to try and sell some of your stuff at the store in a once a month thing we are calling the CBJ Sunday Swap Meet. Ideally, we would like this to take place one Sunday a month. For those interested in selling there would be a $50 fee which gets you a table and some space to display all your stuff. Obviously we would promote the day and you are welcome to handle the rest in any way you see fit. This could be a great opportunity to unload some books you've been sitting on or if you're a buyer find some key back issues or other stuff at a friendly and familiar location! If you're interested in either buying or selling, send us an e-mail at and sound off!


Avengers #7 - 11/17/10 (Old Date 11/10/10)
Avengers Prime #4 - 11/10/10 (Old Date 11/3/10)
Batman and Robin #17 - 11/24/10 (Old Date 11/17/10)
Batman Return Bruce Wayne #6 - 11/10/10 (Old Date 10/27/10)
Green Lantern #59 - 11/10/10 (Old Date 11/3/10)
Namor First Mutant #3 - 11/3/10 (Old Date 10/27/10)
Superior #2 - 11/10/10 (Old Date 11/3/10)
Uncanny X-Force #2 - 11/10/10 (Old Date 11/3/10)

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