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Back for another session of my ranting and raving about what I thought was good and what I thought sucked this week in comics. Not a gigantic week so there isn't much to chat about and since my co-blogger Holmes aka Mitch wrote about "Superman #701", there's even less for me to I figured since I have the time and the fam over at CBJ allow me to, I'd like to point out to everyone that my friends band STABBING EDEN is going on tour starting this Thursday 7/22, with their first date being on Staten Island. I'm filling in for their singer for this tour so you should really make it a point to come out and hang with me before we leave.
Here's the fliers for the shows.

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alright enough shameless self promotion.


After the horrible cinematic mess that was the last X-Files movie, Steve Niles and Adam Jones take everyone's favorite FBI agents and does them justice..and on top of that he throws in those damn pesky Vampires that keep showing up in Alaska.
As it always is with Mulder and Scully, a strange case is put in front of them and as always they have to pick apart the pieces and put everything together, only this time around they're going to be going head first against an ancient threat that will not back down and has the means to not only eradicate them but everyone involved to keep their existence secret.
In this first issue the dialogue between Mulder and Scully was nothing short of classic X-Files conversations. Mulder being the pessimist conspiracy theorist takes what he sees at the crime scene and already begins to make his assumptions about who or what they're up against as Scully being the level headed straight-woman, doesn't want to jump to conclusions but at the same time doesn't want to dismiss her partner's instincts because he's usually right.
Steve Niles and Adam Jones do an excellent job of creating a state of panic and intrigue as the story just kicks off and who knows what will happen. I'm just excited to see Niles writing a 30 Days of Night story again and to mix in two of the best non powered heroes just ups to ante.
Tom Mandrake is handling the art duties and this is one of his defining moments. His sequences of the arctic tundra and the bloody crime scene just sends chills up your spine to think that something is out in the blinding white snow hunting humans.
If you're a fan of either X-Files or 30 days, i strongly suggest you get this book ASAP because if not you're missing out on something big here.

5 out of 5!!


What a colossal waste of a mini-series and characters! I'm sorry but I really hated this last issue. Harvey Tolibao's artwork is awesome and Chris Yost is a great writer, I don't know what the hell happened but somewhere along the way things got jerked and the end of this story sucked!
The team consisting of Pixie, Gambit, Dazzler, Northstar, Anole, Cannonball and Trance travel to Limbo in search of Magik who was hit with some kind of magic bomb by Bastion that bound her and sent her headfirst into Limbo.
Gambit gets overcome by whatever evil Apocalypse infected him with almost 5 years ago and his Death persona takes over and infects Dazzler and Northstar. Magik is being held captive as Pixie is tempted to kill her by N'astirh who wants her soulsword and complete control over Limbo once again.
This story is like a left over from X-Infernus with Second Coming thrown in just to get people more interested in it. In all honesty, I think this should have been a short three issue story arc in New Mutants than making it a miniseries that really failed to have anything to do with the story it was being associated with.
The only thing I really liked about this mini was that Cannonball as a character has really stepped up to the plate and is finally being written like someone who's been training his whole life to become a leader. You can really see how Chris Yost is taking elements of Cyclops and Cable and instilling them in Cannonball's demeanor. Instead of failing to lead the team or not know what to do, when the going got tough, he stood up and fought and with some serious conviction. I really hope this carries over into New Mutants and we get to see more of him being a strong leader and not so much as an indecisive leader-to-be.

3 out of 5


The final chapter of this epic storyline finally comes to an end. Cable is dead, Hope saved the X-Men and destroyed Bastion. Where do you go from there, simple now you look back on everything that's happened and pass judgment on everyone's decisions while attending to the wounded.
Hope copes with the passing of Cable and must now find her place amongst a group of people she doesn't even know and somehow fit into this mold they've created for her being the Mutant Messiah. This story has really shaped her as a character because she has gone from a small child on the run from Bishop to a skilled soldier to a savior in such a short amount of time, she's yet to have a chance to find out who she is herself. She's been told since day one when to run, when to sleep, when to eat and more or less how to think. Now is the time she finally has the chance to grow on her own and she's scared because the only person she could turn to is gone.
With Cable gone and everyone feeling sorry for themselves, they all begin reflecting back on the past year or so. Wolverine is taking it the hardest out of everyone because not only did he lose two friends, he potentially corrupted other people into a world or espionage and murder that he sought to escape when he joined the X-Men. It's interesting to see this point of view from a character that for so long was a "kill first, ask questions later" kinda guy, who now in retrospect is not only trying to atone for his sins but trying not to make the same mistakes or put other people on the same path that he's once walked.
With all of that said and everyone looking at one another differently in lieu of recent events, Cyclops dismantles X-Force and has Wolverine tell everyone to move on and forget the things they were asked to do for the betterment of Mutant kind. Wolverine in typical fashion disbands the group only to create his own version of X-Force with just one rule "Tell no one."
Cyclops stepped up as the head of his species and really came through when the chips were down, albeit at a cost of friendships and trust, he made the decisions that no one else was capable of being convicted enough to make. In doing so, he alienated himself from Emma and a majority of the team but sometimes you can't please everyone with what you feel is right.
At the end, the biggest shocks were delivered. Emma bared witness to what could potentially become a serious problem in the future as Hope standing by a fire showed signs of THE PHOENIX FORCE!!
Five new Mutant signatures showed on Cerebra. The Mutant species may not be on the verge of extinction after all. We'll have to wait and see what comes about in the next couple of months.

5 out of 5!!!!

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