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Another amazing week in comics this past week and so much to talk about. I just want to jump right into it because...I've got something to say.

X-Men #1

Wow, it's really been 20 years since Jim Lee and Chris Claremont launched X-Men #1. Time flies when your a mutant. Anyways, this week saw the launch of a brand new series simply called "X-Men". Following the blockbuster "Second Coming" story and "The Death of Dracula one shot", This new book starts off with a literal bang as the Vampires of the Marvel Universe let everyone know they're still alive and kicking.
If you've never read the Blade series that came out a couple of years ago where Blade was on the verge of finally killing off all Vampires and was tricked into re-birthing them back into existence, I strongly suggest doing your homework before checking out this book and the massive story that's soon to follow it.
I'll be completely honest I really didn't care for the "Death of Dracula one shot" and I was really very annoyed with how all of a sudden these different sects and aspects of the Vampire world showed up without any prior history. Okay, I got over it and read this new issue of X-Men and actually really enjoyed it. The fact that it's a new X-men book aside, writer Victor Gischler (Deadpool Merc with a mouth) is comparing the dying Mutant species with The Vampire species makes a lot of sense. That and the fact that the X-Men have had a long history with the Vampire King and his kind just adds so much to the story. Dracula being gone leaves endless possibilities.
Without giving away too much, the delivery system in which The Vampires infect normal people with Vampire blood is genius. Have a big diesel Vampire walk into a crowded area and explode from exposure to sunlight, literally spilling his guts all over everyone and everything.
I highly recommend that you do your homework before jumping into this book and the "Curse of the mutants" story just so you know what's going on without questioning "what the hell happened before this?"

4 out of 5


The 13th chapter of the 14 chapter blockbuster that is "Second Coming". So much happens in such a short amount of time it's almost unfair that Marvel didn't make this the last chapter and a double sized issue. After battling back the seemingly endless army of future Nimrod Sentinels and being trapped within Bastion's containment bubble, The X-Men finally have a fighting chance because of Cable and X-Force jumping into the future and stopping everything at the source.
Bastion stands by and watches as everything he's plotted and planned falls apart because of Hope and her adopted father Cable.
In a final effort to save his friends, Cable finally gives in to the Techno Organic Virus that's plagued him his whole life and lets it consume him so he can act like a buffer to allow X-Force to jump back through the time stream. Sadly, once everyone is through he explodes as the portal closes.
This fuels Bastion and Hope to have the final showdown that we've all been waiting for.
Hope finally displays her powers as she remembers everything Cable said to her about how and when she would know it was time to unleash what she's got inside her.
I think that since way back in "Messiah Complex" when Rogue touched Hope with bare skin, that Hope not only absorbed Rogue's inner voices of all the people she's come into contact with but also some of Rogue's mutant powers making her able to tap into Mutants around her and copy and use their abilities.
The final outcome is more or less what we all expected, Hope defeats Bastion and destroys him and his minions as well as piercing a hole in his containment bubble and freeing everyone. The mutant messiah has finally been exposed and helped her people from extinction.
What does this mean for Hope? What does this mean for the X-Men? What does this mean for the world outside that the X-Men have a member of biblical proportions? Only time will tell and there is still another chapter to the story to be told this week in "Second Coming #2".

5 out of 5


Let’s look at these stories one at a time. First off, the Hawks. Of the three stories that we touch on this issue, this is the one that seems most divorced from everything that’s going on. There’s some good battle scenes here, which make these scenes better, but the question of what’s going on with Hawkworld is not, at the moment, as compelling as the other two stories. In the Aquaman and Mera storyline, Aquaman goes nuts on an oil rig, bringing him into conflict with some new characters and bringing out a truly surprising revelation about Mera. This storyline is a good bit more interesting. Aquaman himself is clearly being affected by the fallout of Blackest Night, and those changes are actually a bit frightening. The Mera reveal comes out of nowhere, and considering how many fans the character picked up during Blackest Night, it’ll be very interesting to gauge the reaction to this one.

The Deadman stuff, though, is easily the strongest in the book. Hawk’s insistence that Boston Brand use his power to bring his brother back to life leads to a couple of interesting moments. The ring itself (or perhaps it’s the Lantern, or the Entity – whoever is talking to Boston) also starts to develop a bit of a personality of its own beyond just giving commands. This also seems to be the story that’s most directly connected with the Big Mystery of why these twelve characters came back from the dead, and with the news that this question will be answered very soon, this seems to be the channel we’re going to take to get there. Boston has always been a cool character, but watching this story through his eyes has made him a great one.

3 out of 5


YES! FINALLY AFTER SUCH A LONG WAIT ALLAN HEINBERG AND JIMMY CHEUNG ARE BACK AND WRITING ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS AGAIN!! Albeit, it's only a mini-series finally chronicling the search for the Scarlet Witch since her disappearance after "House of M", but it finally brings the pair back together and working on one of if not the best comic Marvel had/has to offer. Wiccan and Speed are the supposed children of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. The two boys show the same powers as their mother and uncle Quicksilver.
It now being "THE HEROIC AGE" and The Avengers being back to full strength, Captain America brings in Wiccan after a display of his powers, fearful that he may unknowingly cause a catastrophic event such as his "mother" did when saying "No More Mutants." This being a teen team book, of course the rest of the Young Avengers won't have their teammate Wiccan locked up and tested. They stage a jailbreak and free their friend from the non captive captivity that he was being held in. The team decides that the best course of action is to prove to the Avengers and the world that The Scarlet Witch was under someone's control and didn't willingly de-power 85% of the world's mutants.
This comic has it all, action, drama, laughs, love and of course ALLAN HEINBERG AND JIMMY CHEUNG working on the YOUNG AVENGERS!
I think this is going to be the next big book to read so if you passed it up for whatever reason, go back and get this comic NOW!!!!

5 out of 5!~!!!!!!!


When you find yourself quoting lines from a comic to friends and family, that's when you know you've got an awesome comic in your hands. Shadowland has been building up for months in the pages of Daredevil and finally after a long wait it's all come to fruition. Matt Murdock had been through so much in the past couple of months, from losing his wife, his life and now becoming the leader of the Hand, things have gone in a dramatically different direction that all of us thought it would.
Things are really looking like Matt is going the way of Anakin Skywalker by giving in to the dark side head first. The Avengers want him to know that they've got his back but if he steps out of line they'll be the first one's to put him down, so who better to send out to speak with him than his long time friends, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. They arrive as Matt and his fellow Hand ninja's are chasing after Bullseye, recently escaping transport on his way to the Vault Prison. Matt says the best line in the comic after being asked by his so-called friends if he needs help.."Do you pledge your undying allegiance to The Hand?"
Andy Diggle has really gone above and beyond with his recent run on Daredevil and with Shadowland really taking everything back to basics and making it a true battle for New York, everyone should be reading this comic and if you're not I think it's time you sat down and read the past 6 months of Daredevil, Daredevil: The List and then read Shadowland #1 and I think you might be hooked.

5 out of 5


Scarlet is a comic that bares its stylized choices on its sleeve. Above all else, plot, characterization, and subtext, style is what readers will notice first when flipping through the debut of this Bendis and Maleev creator owned series. Bendis' usage of breaking the fourth wall and actually having the character speak directly to the reader as she tells her tale of how she got to where she is at the end of the issue is what really makes this book pop!

First off is the art by Alex Maleev. Since first pairing with Bendis on Daredevil, Maleev’s visual power has been among the most distinctive in the industry. He sticks with that signature look here, delivering the same photorealism under an embossed image filter that we’ve all grown to know and love. It’s a look that remains largely unmatched when it comes to conveying emotive facial expressions and believable streetscapes.

Surprisingly is the different method Bendis uses for the narrative. This isn’t the typical rapid-fire dialogue that he's used in almost every book he's worked on. Instead, it’s the decision to explain the story through the use of some very direct first person narration. In the language of casual conversation, Scarlet explains her dislike for corrupt cops and shameless street crime, inviting the reader to grab a gun and join the fun if you will.

All in all, Scarlet is nothing short of fun and a great read. Anyone looking for a new book to get onto, this is the perfect opportunity.

5 out of 5

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