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HAPPY 4th of July. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday eating food, swimming and blow up fireworks, celebrating our independence.
I'm celebrating my independence by putting my two cents on what came out this week in comics. Let's face it this week was awesome. So much good stuff it's ridiculous. So on with the show cause I've got something to say.



Jesus hates zombies vol.4, I hate to love you.
After waiting two weeks since it hit shelves, I finally got a copy of the last installment of the hit indie book and my good friend Stephen Lindsay's masterpiece. So the story goes, the world is surrounded by Zombies. Jesus Christ gets sent to earth to figure out a way to get things back to normal and Zombie free and manages to befriend a goofy Zombie named Laz. Oddly enough President Abraham Lincoln gets sent from the past to somehow help out and battle Werewolves from his own time.
Volume four picks up with the cast in Las Vegas trying to find the last vestige of humanity. They meet up and make friends with the main survivors and the little girl who leads them...awesome!.. haha.
The Zombie angel Gabriel and his horde of Zombie, Werewolf and Zombified Werewolves come closer to the final battle in Las Vegas with Jesus. The battle in the street is fast and fierce. We find out that the hooded man that caused Abraham to come to the future and has some bizarre link to him is the Grand Duke of Hell Haborym. The two battle and Abraham turns into a Werebear. King the gay black stripper takes down Gabriel's WereZombie. Absolutely fantastic.
This part really twisted me up because over the course of this book, I loved this character and happily imitated him when I would talk about him to other people just because he's so funny. Laz was the rare comic character that you looked forward to reading in the book. Alas all great things must come to an end. In the battle between Jesus and Grabriel after Gabriel kills Heidi one of the survivors that Jesus began to have a crush on, Laz jumps in to save "Jee Joo" and GETS HIS DAMN HEAD CUT OFF AND DIES!!
Jesus then proceeds to kick Gabriel's ass and smashes his head with the baseball bat.
Just then Haborym shows up and gets shot to death but not before zapping Jesus and Abe back to the Age of the Dinosaurs.
This comic was awesome and I highly suggest everyone gets the entire "Jesus Hates Zombies" series. There going fast and the only place you can find them now is on Amazon. Fantastic job Stephen!

5 out of 5


I understand this comic was the set up story for the new story arc involving the X-men and Vampires but really this is how you decided to do it? I've been a big Marvel Comics Dracula fan for a very long time and I really didn't enjoy this book at all. First off the last time we saw Dracula was in Captain Britain and MI-13. He got his ass kicked and sent out of Britain. Now at the gathering of the Vampires that only happens once every century, Janus, Dracula's son and all the sects of different Vampires come together to hear what Dracula has planned for the Vampire race and to play king to their problems. Dracula's other son Xarus shows up but the real question is WHO THE HELL IS HE?? I don't remember him from anything and just to make sure, I looked him up and he's no where to be found.
My big problem is the way Dracula looks. He looks like a Shi'ar guardsman as opposed to The King of the friggin Vampires! Where's the black suit and tie? where's the cheezy mustache?
Anyways, all the heads of the different sects meet to speak with the Lord Dracula. At the meeting Xarus jumps up and strikes his father with a stake to the heart. In complete disbelief, Janus stands back and watches as the heads of the different sects all strike at Dracula and then behead him! Now that there is no one to lead the Vampires, Xarus makes a plan that in 24 hours they will decide who will be the next king. Janus treks off on his own to figure out what to do. Xarus reveals to him that his company has developed a technology that bends the suns rays and that Vampires can now walk in the light when wear these medallions.
In the end after a twisted coup, Janus runs and escapes with one of the medallions leading into the new X-Men series that debuts this week.
I really didn't care for this book and I don't know how I feel about this upcoming story.

2 out of 5


Yes! I've been a huge fan of Batman Beyond since it came out. When I heard Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin were doing it I got even happier.
Terry McGuiness is flying around as Batman with Bruce Wayne still in his ear, together as they still defend Gotham City now named Neo-Gotham.
An unfrozen prisoner escapes and begins a killing spree across Neo-Gotham. The pieces lead the duo around Neo-Gotham as they piece together this new mystery and figure out who or what is killing all these people and find the connection before it's too late when they figure out it's one of Bruce Wayne's greatest enemies..Hush.
This issue was awesome and I wish it was an ongoing. This is just the first issue of a mini series and I'm already chomping at the bit. The really cool thing is that recently, we've been seeing a lot more of Terry McGuiness being Batman in the future, so who knows maybe this will give us some clues as to what the hell is going on in Batman in the present.
Maybe if all goes well with this DC will bring the book back and give it more of an edgier style.

5 out of 5


Sifting through the shelves of comics, I came across this little gem that I think everyone should really check out. It's an interesting story about a man named Coyle who gets fired from his job and comes home to his mother and his daughter. He has bad relationships with everyone. His daughter doesn't want to see or talk to him and they live in the same house. His mother just tolerates him because he's her son. Coyle wakes up to his friend Ray blathering on about not to look at the light or any technology. He witnesses the man look at a street light and suddenly become emerged in light and burst into flames. Coyle puts on his work goggles and runs back into his home where he witnesses his mother burst into flames as well. He runs into his Daughter Avery's room and forces her to wear a blindfold to cover her eyes. The two make their way through town as they wake everyone burst into flames as this light destroys everything. They make it to one of Coyle's friends house as they try to get a car to get out of town when Avery takes off her blindfold and ..... To be continued!

Awesome story. It's a nice twist on the apocalyptic scenarios. If you're looking for something new and cool to read I really think you should check this out because for a first issue it was really good.

5 out of 5

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