Monday, February 21, 2011


This week I bring to you a giant rant of reasons why everyone should be reading a few comics that I think are fantastic and deserve some more love than they're being given.

First up is an oldie but a serious goldie..


Most people are familiar with the character of John Constantine thanks to the so-so movie staring Keenu Reeves. If you've been living under a rock in the comic world or just avoid comics that have been going on for a long time and don't think it's a good idea to just jump into a book then you need to rethink that mind frame and check out HELLBLAZER and quick.
John Constantine is the best anti-hero; hero that's ever graced the comics page. John has battled cancer, The Devil and has newly taken on his biggest challenge yet; Marriage!
In the 276 issues that comprise Hellblazer, some of the greatest artists and writers have created some of the most memorable and outstanding stories on the written page.
Such greats as Jaimie Delano, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis and Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley and Steve Dillon are just a few that you'll know right off the bat.
I myself have been an on again off again fan of the series for the past 10 years. I've jumped on when the stories were great and jumped off when money was tight. Recently, I've been reconnecting with this great book and rekindled my love for Constantine and his grim outlook on the world. The series is mostly based in England, where John lives and the stories vary from dealing with low level "magicians" to full scale demonic invasions. I strongly suggest if you've never read the series or if you've fallen off reading it for whatever reason, you get back into it and quick because it just gets better and better with each issue.


I've been shouting at the top of my lungs for a long time about this awesome book. Recently picked up by Image after being dropped by Devil's Due Publishing, Hack/Slash is the book that any comic fan can dig. The premise of the story is simple and to the point, Cassie Hack and her partner in crime Vlad, hunt down real life Slashers. (for those of you unaware of what a slasher is, Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees just to name a few)
The series has been around since 2004 with a slew of one-shots and short miniseries by writer and sometime artist Tim Seeley. It finally became an ongoing in 2007 until it was canceled late last year. Thankfully, Image comics recently picked it up and released the aptly titled miniseries "My First Maniac" chronicling Cassie's first mission as a slasher killer.
The comic has been an underground hit and even had some mainstream crossovers with The Suicide Girls, H.P Lovecraft's character Herbert West from Re-animator, Chucky from Child's Play and my good buddies The Living Corpse.
Everything about this comic is awesome. From the fact that the main character is a girl who's not afraid of things that go bump in the night to the ever growing mythology behind the villains and heroes.
I really think that everyone should pick up the 3 Omnibi that Image has released containing everything up until this point to get caught up and snatch the new #1 issue of the new ongoing that came out recently.
This book is great and great under appreciated as far as I'm concerned.
Fans of any horror comics, strong female characters and over the top blood and guts need to get on this book and stat!


Speaking of The Living Corpse, you all need to get on this comic and now!
Created by two awesome friends of mine, this is another underground hit that really needs to see some mainstream love. The book was on Zenescope Comics until they were awkwardly neglected which prompted the guys to take their book and move on. They've come out with 6 issues and an annual featuring Cassie and Vlad of Hack/Slash. Sadly, there was never a trade for the issues but thankfully they'll be coming out soon enough. Luckily if you go on the official Living Corpse website, you might be able to grab all the issues and get some sweet variants or signed copies.
The premise of the story is pretty simple, John Romero was killed and reanimated as a zombie but quickly was given the task of watching the graveyard and keeping all the nasty things that go bump in the night in check. The series was abruptly ended with Zenescope before Buz and Ken could really get the meat and potatoes of the story out. Luckily, the series has been picked up by a yet unnamed publisher (I know who and I'm not telling..haha) and getting the revamp treatment. Also, The Living Corpse Movie is coming out soon and in 3-D! So you really need to do yourself a serious favor and get on this book stat. Like I said if you've never read the series, we have all the issues here at the store or you could try the official website.

With that said, you need to go out and check out these books or else!!!

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