Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fab Firsts Gallery!

Hey There Scan Fans!,

This week I am posting some "firsts" from my collection! As you all know comic collectors are OBSESSED with first appearances. So much so that The Overstreet Guide notes first appearences SO osbcure that no one ever even heard of them! But they were FIRSTS and that's what counts. So here are some of mine.

First we have the very FIRST Star trek comic!
The first apppearance of Mon-El in Superboy #89

The FIRST Neal Adams issue if Green Lantern (#76). I even got it autographed by the great one himeslf!!

Here we have my copy of Action #252 which is not ONLY the first appearance of Supergirl but ALSO the first appearance of the villian Metallo!

And finally a VERY tough book to find in any condition, here is a solid copy of the first appearance of Braniac (also Kandor!) from Action #242!!!
There you have it scan fans. Just a few firsts from my archives!
As always (or for the FIRST time anyway) feel free to send YOUR scans to (that's me!) and I will make sure to include them in future galleries!
That's 30!

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