Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Being the big Avengers fan that I am, I'm so excited about the bomb of all reveals, Marvel dropped this week in the new issue.
If you haven't read Avengers #5, you need to run right now and get it. We get a map of "THE" time line for the 616 universe that says what the next big events are going to be and how everything is connected. Bendis is officially the god of all Avengers writers as far as I'm concerned.

Seriously sit here and look at this map "Future" Tony Stark created, mapping out the major events that are going to occur and lead ultimately to "The Ultron War" future, where the present day Avengers have been brought to; to prevent.
The $hit has officially hit the fan!

Just about a month til Halloween and you know what that means.....
Of course it means Candy, Costumes and A MONTH OF NOTHING BUT HORROR MOVIES ON TELEVISON!!! but wait it gets better.....
THE WALKING DEAD TV SERIES ON AMC is that much closer. I'm so excited and nervous about this show being the stuck up fan that I am about The Walking Dead. I know in my fanboy heart of hearts that the show is going to be amazing but the pessimist in me, sees some changes in the world of characters that I love so dearly, that are going to drive me mad. Alas, I have faith in Frank Darabont and Anne Hurd because of their incredible body of work and this ridiculous trailer!!!!

On a side note, Today one of my really good friends, Jason Sica passed away. Jay sang for the New Jersey metal band, ABACINATE. They just came back from being on tour with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and they just finished recording new material with Jay on vocals. Abacinate are like family to me being in The Grieving Process and playing shows and hanging out with those dudes. If it weren't for Jay, I wouldn't even know my band or half of my friends. Jay was an amazing vocalist and an amazing person overall. I've had some crazy good times with this kid over the years and the world is at a loss without him in it.
Jay was also a huge comic book fan and would always call me or attack me at a show to talk about comics and what was going on. The last conversation we had, he was talking about how much he loved "Blackest Night" and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen in "Brightest Day"...sadly he'll never know...

Go to Abacinate's Myspace and Facebook and check out how awesome this kid was and leave some seriously needed love.



Anonymous said...

Jason Sica was an amazing man, I'm gonna miss that bastard. I say bastard with respect. He took pride in that title. Im glad I stumbled upon this blog.

Its nice to know who he was to other people, since not many people knew who he was to me, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Bendis the god of Avengers writers??? You're nuts dude, lol. Basically you're saying that he's better than Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart, Jim Shooter, Roger Stern, John Byrne, Bob Harras and Kurt Busiek? Bendis can't even hold half these guys jocks. Storywise he might be up there, but when Bendis learns how to write characters with different personalities instead of the generic one he uses for everyone, then we'll talk about his place among the greats. Nothing like a little debate to get the blood flowing :)