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Back to reviewing new books as I've fallen behind on some stuff that's come out in the past two weeks. There's a lot I'd like to discuss this week seeing as there's so much going on in the wonderful world of comics. I've got some Brightest Day, some Shadowland and of course some new number one issues, so without further delay...I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!


Things are finally taking shape in this book. The issues are becoming more focused on certain characters as opposed to being so wide spread dipping into all twelve characters stories.


This issue focuses mainly on Aquaman, Mera and the introduction of the new Aqualad as well as Martian Manhunter's quest to find the other green Martian. After Deadman's visions of the what the white ring wants from all those returned, he pops up in the water next to Aquaman and tells him and Mera about his vision of a boy who could control water and that they need to find him.
In Star City, Martian Manhunter makes his way to the mysterious forest that's grown in the ashes of the bombs Prometheus set off. In the forest, just like when Green Lantern entered it in the pages of Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter's powers go on the fritz and he loses control. He begins to lash out unable to control himself and his powers. Finally Ollie shows up and manages to get him back in control of himself and able to leave the forest but not after having visions of his own and realizing all the clues lead him back to where it all began..Mars. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Black Manta has resurfaced and he's looking for the same boy that Aquaman is, he though knows something more now with the help of Mera's sister, The boy he's looking for his is SON!


Picking up from last issue, Aquaman and Mera are on the hunt for the boy who can control water. He is the key to the mission Aquaman must complete as part of his resurrection. Also in this issue, Ronnie and Jason find that they hold the big bang that started the universe and if agitated that they can also end the universe, becoming the most powerful being ever.
Jackson is just a teenage kid with a secret that his parents have hidden from him his whole life, he's not theirs and he's from the sea, today is the day that he finds out the secret and meets his father Black Manta in a battle to the death. Jackson can defend himself but not without the help of Aquaman and Mera. Back at Star Labs with Professor Stein, he explains to the boys that the Firestorm Matrix holds the energy that created the big bang that jump started the universe and that with a little push, the two boys can be the destroyers of the universe. Again, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the voice in the back of their heads comes back, only this time a lot louder and it finally breaks free..unleashing the Black Lantern Firestorm!?!?

This issue in particular, I really liked because after so long we're finally given the "semi" origin of the Firestorm Matrix. What it is, what it's done and what it can do. I really liked how Professor Stein explains how back in the 80's how Firestorm became an elemental being due to his merging with Ronnie. This book is nothing short of awesome, Geoff Johns and Pete Tomasi are really digging in deep in the history of these characters and finally tying up all the loose ends that have dangled for years.

5 out of 5 for both books! If you're waiting for the trade, do yourself a favor and go get the ten issues that have come out and take a night in to sit and enjoy this fantastic book.

Guess who's going to hell? Guess who's getting a new number 1? Guess what other clawed mutants are also getting new ongoing's in the wake of his demise...That's right you've guessed right..Wolverine, X-23 and Daken all got new books...


One of my favorite writers Jason Aaron takes over the reins of everyone's favorite mutant and takes him to no better place for the both of them...Hell.
I'll be totally honest, I really wasn't looking forward to another Wolverine series after "Origins"
and "Weapon X" finished but when I heard that "Weapon X" scribe Jason Aaron was going to be penning the book I got a little excited. I'm glad I only got a little excited because quite honestly I really didn't enjoy this first issue at all. It's very cryptic which is good because you don't want to give everything away in the first issue but it really didn't tickle my fancy. Wolverine is talking to Wraith (you know Will i am's character from the Wolverine film) about the past and mistakes they've made..etc.. and the next thing you know Wolverine's soul is in hell while his body is inhabited by some demon running amok on earth. I was hoping for a little more shock and awe from Aaron but I guess I've gotta give the guy a chance to get the story going before he drops any real "oh $^^t" moments.

3 out of 5


Ugh..I really love this character.. I just don't like the way Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu are writing him in this first issue. He's been hunting his father; Wolverine for years, working for Romulus, only to have his father take away his chance at killing him and Romulus and taking over Romulus' empire. Now after being a "Dark Avenger" and playing all the sides, he's out in the world on his own for the very first time. His character is naturally very cocky and over the top with his plots and every detail being thought out and every possibility thought through but it's almost as if they're trying to write him like he's the Paris Hilton of the Marvel Universe, at least that's the way it seems to me. He uses his pheromone powers to entice an Italian designer to create a new suit for him almost as if he's using his "feminine ways" to lure the man into doing work for him. He talks on the phone with Johnny Storm like he's gabbing about gossip with a girlfriend. Maybe it's just me but I would like to see the more serial killer side of Daken. I'd like to see him do what he's set to do since he was first introduced, kill everyone just for the sake of killing and take over as some kind of depot along the lines of Doctor Doom. Again, this is only the first issue so again, the story really needs to be laid out before I can really pass judgment.

3 out of 5

X-23 #1

Finally after so long, X-23 gets her own series!
I really dug this book for a lot of reasons. I really like this character, I've followed all the stories chronicling her life from her beginnings at Weapon X to her time with the "New X-Men" to X-Force. At this point, things pick up with everyone knowing all about X-Force and what they did and that scares all of her old team mates because they realize that she's not just a pretty face but a serious killing machine who could possibly snap at a moments notice. In this first issue, writer Marjorie Liu shows just how much the kids on Utopia are now almost terrified of their former team mate and just how mad they are at her about what she's done in the name of mutant kind. Storm and Cyclops attempt to help the girl through these troubled times but to no avail, their words fall on deaf ears. Recently, X, has been having dreams about battling back hell for her soul. It mirrors Wolverine in almost every way with him regaining his memories and looking back on the years and only now being able to atone for what he's done whereas X has the opportunity now to step back and reflect on what she's done up until this point and make a difference one way or another.
I really loved this book and I hope you do too, I just hope the other two "Wolverine Family" books follow suit.

5 out of 5.

Now, back to the streets of NYC where Shadowland is currently in progress....


What happens when Daredevil becomes the vessel for The Hand's Beast and now his best friends and fellow super heroes become his worst enemies?? You get this awesome continuing tale brought to you by Andy Diggle.
Picking up inside Shadowland, The assembled heroes make a plea for Matt aka Daredevil to stop whatever he's doing and to think about how his being the leader of The Hand is really affecting Hell's Kitchen and it's inhabitants. Of course, everything goes horribly wrong and what started out as a simple plot to try and talk Matt down becomes a battle for their very lives. Matt lifts the ban on killing and let's it be known that you're either with The Hand or you're dead. After escaping just barely, the heroes come to the conclusion that they must either kill Matt or find out who or what's controlling him and kill IT. The saga continues in this midway point to what will be the end of Matt Murdock and his days as Daredevil.
I can't say enough good things about this mini-series and this storyline as a whole. I said it before and I'll say it again, I really wish that at the end of this that Matt becomes a real deal super villain and does nothing but terrorize his former friends.
I can't wait to see what happens next as I'm sure you can't either.

5 out of 5!!!


This I feel is a really important issue that some people may have overlooked with all the tie-ins and what not going on with "Shadowland". Johnny Blaze is the spirit of vengeance and in being such an entity, he's also bound by magic to stop the suffering of innocents, in this case, he's been summoned by Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin to head to Japan and to kill the heads of The Snake Root Clan hiding amongst The Hand.
In a twist of events, Ghost Rider heads to Japan but can't just walk in a kill people, he has to have a reason to. This is where if you're a Ghost Rider fan you'll love how he goes around that little loop hole.
From start to finish this one shot was worth every penny from the awesome dialogue to the amazing artwork. This is the epitome of a sweet issue that really holds weight in the greater story.

5 out of 5!

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