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I got something special for you today, I got the chance to check out THREE new books that are coming out from a new company called CREATORS EDGE. My friend Chuck Messinger sent me these books and I can't wait for them to get picked up by Diamond so everyone can check em' out.

First up is a book called STINK.


Holy hilarious! The story takes place after "The Big Stink" aka "The bright light that killed everyone and made the world stink." and follows an unlikely trio on their way to Crystal Mountain to get themselves some real ass other than the sheep. Ray the Unicorn, Bundy the Fairy Godfather and Michael the Frog Prince each tell a tale of how their lives were ruined and how they got to where they are now.
Chuck Messinger does an absolutely amazing job of playing each character off one another. I couldn't stop laughing while reading this book. The banter between the three and the people they meet along their way is just top notch, not only that but the characters themselves have so much life and witty comebacks.
Ray telling Bundy "The world's first profession was prostitution, apparently the last one is sheep pimping." had me rolling on the floor. If this is any indication of Mr. Messinger's writing skills then I can't wait to read anything and everything he's got in his arsenal.
Kurt Belcher & Mike Lail do a great job of keeping the artwork simple and expressing the emotions of the characters. Nothing is overdone. They really compliment the conversations and story itself with their use of keeping it simple and not going overboard. As a reader I can appreciate the fact that they didn't need to get super detailed to convey the characters and the backgrounds.
I cannot wait to read the next issue and see what happens to this unlikely trio on their mission to get some sweet sweet lovin'.

5 out of 5.


From Stephen Lindsay the creator of "Jesus Hates Zombies" and "Massive Awesome" comes this new take on the wild west.
Stephen and artist Jim Mcmunn take us on a journey down the devil's trail as we follow a fallen priest named Herschel as he feels his way along the devil's trail and cleanses the unholy abominations unleashed by the demon Jericho.
Jericho fills the role of the devil's advocate as he possesses the living with the souls of his fellow demons.
The book has a very "Exorcist" feel to it for obvious reasons, Herschel on his mission to undo the evil set free attempts to save the people that have been possessed by performing exorcisms but in most cases has to kill the hosts.
During his travels he comes across a little girl who's mother has been possessed, In a failed attempt to cleanse the woman of the demon inside her, Nora, the little girl, witnesses as her mother gets her head blown off.
All the while, Jericho is slowly taking over town after town increasing the demon infection.
Stephen has outdone himself with this book, the feeling of dread and fear of the unknown has truly bled to the surface as Herschel makes his way towards whatever threat he must face. The sense of impending doom is imminent. You can almost feel his sense of failure and despair as he battles for his own life as well as the lives of others. Jericho on the other hand is the polar opposite as he feeds people's egos and emotions as he prepares them to become vessels for demons. Jericho is evil made flesh as he turns the citizens of each town into mindless demons with the sole purpose of killing and eating everything.
Jim Mcmunn does a fantastic job of conveying the bleak world Herschel travels and the demonic plague Jericho spreads. At certain points, Jim's artwork is almost a mirror image of artist Tony Moore. The scenes where Herschel battles the demons is awesome as well as the exorcisms. If you haven't seen his other work make sure to check out his web comic with Stephen, "The Frightful Fetus" over at
I'm hooked and can't wait to see what happens next. YOU NEED THIS COMIC!!

5 out of 5


Writer and artist Travis Bundy brings us into the magical realm in which the hero Jeff must battle Ogres, Dragons, Killer Bees and the like to save the Damsel in distress. Whenever Jeff's stomach aches, he gets transported to a magical world in which he must save a damsel in distress from a variety of monsters. Is it a hallucination or some sort of mental illness that's what his boss wants to know as she sends Jeff off to get examined by a host of different doctors. They give him a clean bill of health but still Jeff gets sent off to battle. The book is every slackers dream come true as we all wish to escape our mundane lives to battle monsters and save big boobed girls.
This book isn't as good as the other two but non the less it's still a good read and Travis Bundy's artwork and writing along with colorist Chad Thomas are very reminiscent of the dreaded 90's comics, which of course hold a special place in my comic book heart. The story itself is something you're more than likely to find in the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine.
I'd like to see more of this book to really give it my love or hate but for now, I'd say check it out and make the decision yourself.

3 out of 5.

and that's all folks, see you later this week!!

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