Saturday, August 21, 2010

News & Events for Week of 8/25/10

Ginormous upcoming week! Scott Wegener signing announced!

There is a ridiculous amount of stuff coming in this week so prepare yourself mentally and physically for a fun and action packed shopping experience this upcoming week. There are a ton of new killer titles from both big publishers (including key series continuations, finales and beginnings), the newest series of Blackest Night figures, lots of cool new shirts to check out, and a huge restock of select issues and collections.

Before we get to the announcements for this week I just want to extend a great big warm thank you to Martin Rivas, Kalin Garrity, and Live Society for coming to the store last Friday and performing for everyone who came down. They absolutely killed it! If you didn't come (tsk tsk), you missed out on some fantastic live music, great food and some fine drinking! Hopefully we can welcome them all back sometime in the future. Also, for those interested we have some CDs for sale near the register.

Some other news: We'll be starting off September with a bang with a signing with Scott Wegener of Atomic Robo fame, more info below. Also, last week I mentioned that we were starting a graphic novel club and I've already received a bunch of responses. If you're interested and have not reached me yet, please send me an e-mail at telling me you want in! We will be starting in September and more information will be coming with the next couple of weeks.

Last but not least there is still a great raffle going on for NY Comic Con tickets. If you have bad luck or just feel like getting a jump on them we have plenty of tickets for sale. As a reminder the New York Comic-Con is happening October 8th-10th and you can pick up individual days passes for Friday ($30), Saturday ($40) and Sunday ($30) or a full weekend pass ($50).



UPDATE: A bunch of you have expressed interest, so keep those e-mails coming if you are, in fact, interested! We will keep you posted soon and let you know when the first meeting will be in a couple of weeks.

We are finally starting something that I've wanted to do for a long time, a graphic novel book club! Here's the deal - it'll meet once a month (one book per month). Your job is to read the book and come in and have some meaningful discussion about it (moderated and run by the enigmatic Sprocket Jones)! Most of you come in here and do it anyway so I think it would be fun to get as many people involved as possible. Any books that are chosen for that month will be discounted for book club attendees. I'll have more information as we get close to September but I wanted to find out who would be interested in doing this. SO, with that said, if you are interested in being involved in the book club, send me an e-mail at with your name and information attached so I can get a head count.


Coming up on Wednesday, September 1st we are pleased to welcome artist Scott Wegener at CBJ for an in-store signing! If you aren't familiar with him, shame on you! He's the creator of the massively awesome Atomic Robo series and we'll be sure to have plenty of issues and trade paperbacks in stock for you to check out. Buy a book, ask nicely, and you may even get a sketch! The time frame is still to be determined so check back for additional details.


That's right folks, starting this week the good ol' raffle returns! This time we will be raffling off a Weekend Pass to the New York Comic-Con happening on October 8th-10th. Raffle tickets are one dollar and you can buy as many as you like. This raffle will end on Wednesday, August 25th!

If you feel like you have bad luck and will never win you can always buy them outright. Prices for NYCC tickets are as follows:

Friday - $30
Saturday - $40
Sunday - $30
Full Weekend Pass - $50

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