Monday, April 11, 2011


So, back again for another exciting dose of rants and raves by yours truly. So I'm sure everyone was excited with the past couple of weeks worth of comics. Between all the major companies gearing us up for their respective summer events and some sweet sweet new books dropping from everyone and every genre.

For those of you in the not so know, I suggest if you're as big a horror movie buff as I am, you do yourself a favor and go get your hands on two comics right the "F" now and get caught up because the train has left the station.

First up is Clive Barker's amazing property that's been whored around more than.. well a hooker. HELLRAISER is back and going to blow your friggin mind. Barker has been in the process of trying to find a way to finally finish all the movies without all the b.s behind production and studios, etc.. so he's done us all a giant favor and decided to finish up HELLRAISER and kill off Pinhead once and for all in easiest and best way to do COMICS!
Now, I know what your probably thinking to yourself.."I don't know anything about this movie/story/comic" or "I've never ever heard of this because I get scared easily." well, let me assure you faithful reader, this is by far my favorite story and cast of characters ever in any medium. I have HELLRAISER tats because I love it so much and with that said, I would never steer you in the wrong direction. Luckily for you as your tour guide through the puzzle box, Boom Studios! who is releasing all this awesome stuff is putting out the original EPIC Comics, HELLRAISER stuff in an all new set of Trades, so those of you interested can catch up on all the madness that's been unleashed in the name of Leviathan. Do yourself a favor and at least watch the first movie, tell me you didn't like it and you don't want to learn more about the series. Read the "Hellbound Heart" by Clive Barker to really appreciate this series.

Onto some OLD/NEW stuff!

I've been raving about this mini-series finally seeing the light of day after the one-shot came out so long ago. If you've never had the pleasure of reading "68'" then I really feel bad for you and cant wait for you to check it out and get as hyped as I am for the "68'" mini coming out this month from Image.
"68'" is the tale of a small squad of soldiers in Vietnam who meet the zombie plague in the middle of fighting the Vietcong. Not only is it just an awesome story, it's also written and drawn by some of the most amazing creators in the horror genre; Mark Kidwell, Jay Fotos and Nat Jones. This time around, not only are they on the project but they have Tim Vigil and Josh Medors in on the fun. If you're as huge a horror buff as I am or just like really great stories and some amazing "wanna steal this for a tattoo" artwork, this make sure you check out "68'" when it drops!

So, Marvel dropped "Fear Itself #1" this past week and does anyone else feel the looming feeling of being overwhelmed and broke in the near future? I love a great Marvel Event/Crossover as much as the next comic fan,,maybe a little more but still I can't shake this feeling that with the 10 billion tie-ins that Marvel's dropping bannered with "FEAR ITSELF" that it's either going to be so overwhelming the story is going to get lost and misdirected or that it's just going to lose people because not everyone can afford to buy all the tie-ins or has the pleasure of sitting down and just reading them all.
The first issue of the series was pretty decent. I'm still waiting for something over the top to really hit. I mean the big things in this issue were The Asgardians leaving Earth (Finally) and Sin becoming the Avatar for the Norse Goddess of Fear; Skadi.
Not a bad first issue but not the greatest. The thing I really like the most about the concepts behind this series are they almost mirror the real world in so many aspects. The fact that Fear binds us to our daily lives and that it guides us into the directions we choose based upon such simple things of "If I don't go to work, I fear I'll get fired." Matt Fraction really takes this simple concept and does it up right in the Marvel U. The riot in the beginning of the story really sets the tone for the story and most people didn't even get that. The idea of fear makes people do things they normally wouldn't do and makes some people do the things they do. I'm rather excited to see how the concept of fear is going to be "exploited" and used not only as springboard but as the platform and main direction of the story as well as the characters. What's Steve Rogers going to do when he's afraid of tomorrow? The man has outlived his peers, his loved ones and HIS TIME-PERIOD, yet he still manages to stay on top and leads the other heroes without a second thought, what happens when the head honcho can't move because he's afraid of the outcome and it's effects on other things and people.
I think that we as readers should obviously pick and choose what we like and what we want to read and shouldn't feel overwhelmed with all these books coming out but don't be closed minded to checking out something dealing with this series that you know nothing about (Alpha Flight) because for all we know that could be the one book you skip that's the best of the bunch.

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