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Happy Belated St. Patrick's day. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. This year not only did you get drunk on St. Patty's Day but you got your comics on the same day!

This week was pretty big and there's plenty to talk about. Let's jump right in.

First up "Blackest Night".


Locked in battle with the hordes of Black Lantern's, the combined might of the different corps isn't ready for what they find when they come face to face with the Black Battery. Hanging outside the Battery attempting to escape The Anti-Monitor!
The Anti-Monitor hasn't been assimilated into the Black Lantern Corps yet but is the power behind the Black Battery. Combining all their powers, the different corps try their best to get him out of the battery and hopefully shut it down; but to no avail, he gets sucked in and they follow him in.

Just as you think that this story line is coming to a close and we've seen all that can happen we're given a curve ball like this. Another thing I enjoyed about this issue is how The Black Lantern's are still attempting to tempt and taunt people with false hope and love. Guy Gardner comes face to face with Ice and is berated by her but in the end he realizes that it's not really her and does what he has to. As does Kyle, who comes face to face with his former lover that was killed and stuffed in his refrigerator. At this point in the story, these characters have been dragged through the mud and beyond and are mentally prepared for the worst.
This is a prime example of good story telling and good planning come to fruition.

5 out of 5 LET'S GO GET EM'!



In an attempt to stop the Intelligenica dead in their tracks, Bruce Banner and his mock "Avengers" attack them at their base; the recently decommissioned S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier that the Red Hulk crashed in "Hulk #2".
Bruce Banner has made a bunch of shady deals behind everyone's back in an attempt to save Betty Banner, "The seven smartest men" and stop the Intelligencia and with this issue it blows up in his face. The Fantastic Four, The New Avengers and The X-men are all waiting for Bruce's signal to strike when everything falls apart because the linchpin in the plan, Red Hulk, is nowhere to be found. Unknown to everyone else he was captured and is being used to power a gamma ray that's pointed at a group of A.I.M soldiers.
Things go from bad to worse when right as Bruce frees Doom, Reed Richards, Hank Pym, T'Challa and Beast and the ray goes off irradiating everyone with Gamma rays turning them all into Super Powered Hulks!
This is another series where great story story telling and lots of very good planning and plotting are coming to fruition. Point in fact, In "Hulk #2", The Red Hulk attacks the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and destroys it. Little did we know that the plan all along was to crash it so that the Intelligencia could come along and recommission it as their base of operations. Genius!

5 out of 5 "Lies, everything I've done has been based on lies."

HULK #21

This issue is pretty much the same as "Incredible Hulk #608" except it's from The Red Hulk's point of view.

Acting as the key to taking down the Intelligencia and saving the "Seven smartest minds", Red Hulk sneaks onto the newly recommissioned Helicarrier and gets caught by M.O.D.O.K. Everything goes to hell as he is then used as a Gamma power source for Dr. Samson's gamma ray that will change a group of A.I.M soldiers into Hulk Troops. As the ray powers up and all hell is breaking loose on the ship due to Banner and company, The ray not only irradiates the A.I.M soldiers but also the heroes on board. I really liked how this issue was The Red Hulk's point of view. I also like how at the beginning of the issue, he reveals himself to Bruce Banner as a means to get Bruce to help him take down the Intelligencia. We also learn this issue that The Red Hulk was the one whose "gamma" they used to create the Red She-Hulk, which is why she turned out Red.

5 out of 5 "Don't touch that glass."



This issue is really bad ass for many reasons. First off, we're shown that the Void was Norman's insurance plan if any member of the Cabal got out of line. Secondly, we see that during Doom's attack on Avengers Tower, when everyone was evacuated, Hawkeye takes Lindy Reynolds, The Sentry's wife, with him on a helicopter and breaks her neck and tosses her out into the ocean.
At this point, Bob isn't in control of himself and The Void is in charge. He freaks out after hearing Hawkeye's story about how she threw herself into the ocean to get away from him.
Everything in this issue just adds to what we find out in "Siege #3".

5 out of 5 A-FREAKIN-MAZING!


I'd like to put this to the tune of "London Bridge is falling down."

We all knew it was going to happen and it finally does. Steve Rogers and THE REAL AVENGERS show up to save Asgard and The Asgardians.
The President and his cabinet are watching on monitors and they aren't happy with Norman Osborn at all. They didn't tell him to do anything that he's doing and they want someone to take him and everyone involved down. Lucky for them The REAL Avengers show up. Unlucky for everyone of the "Initiative" that showed up to help Norman because now they're all wanted criminals.
Not only do The Real Avengers show up but Tony Stark Iron Man shows up and they beat the crap out of Norman, his fake Avengers and the "Initiative".
The battle ensues and Norman is beaten down, unmasked and a shocking reveal, Norman's face resembles that of The Green Goblin. What's up with that?
In a cowards defeat, Norman orders The Sentry who is really The Void at this point to "Bring it down, bring it all down." and with a blink of an eye, he brings down Asgard around the heroes. Now the final battle begins, The Avengers and company vs. The Void once and for all.
Absolutely amazing. I can't say enough good things about this series or this issue.



Following the other embedded reporters onto a military base, Will and Ben are separated. Ben follows the other reporters onto a troop transport bringing all the embedded journalists into Broxton so they can report what's going on first hand while Will fights a HAMMER soldier in search of Ben.
Aboard the transport, Ben finds that the other reporters are all working for Todd Keller which means they're all going to report what Osborn wants reported. While on the transport, Venom crashes into it and begins eating people. The ship crashes just outside Asgard. Ben and another survivor see that Todd Keller himself was aboard the ship and try to help him out. He grabs a gun and takes Ben hostage just in time to witness to the demise of Asgard.
This series is really taking the front seat role as we see what's really going and what Osborn wants told to the general public. It's a very real world view of how the news is really broadcast. We're given the truth and then there's the actual truth.

5 out of 5 VENOM GETS DOWN!

Out of the Big Two and onto some sweet first issues that dropped this week...


Stephen King on a comic, I'm sold. The master of horror himself writing a comic about Vampires that don't twinkle in the light, I'm really sold.

The first story is by Scott Snyder. It's about Pearl Jones, an aspiring actress in 1920. She's playing an extra when she gets the chance to rub elbows with the big guns. At a party she's invited to, she gets attacked by VAMPIRES!

The second story is by Stephen King. It's about Skinner Sweet an outlaw who's been caught and is on his way back to stand trial. The interesting thing about Skinner is we see him in the beginning story hanging around Pearl's home.
Skinner is saved by his posse and get's off the train to his doom only to be attacked by one of the lawmen who's actually a vampire.

This series has a lot of potential and Rafael Albuquerque's artwork is phenomenal. He does the art for both stories which from what I've read, will soon be one flowing story once all the characters are set into place.

Any fan of good Vampire stories that are looking for a new and interesting take on the genre should do themselves a favor and scoop this up ASAP!



I have the rare opportunity to talk to different writers and review their works. This week I'm proud to present to you, first time writer Onrie Kompan. This man took a story that I'm sure none of you know about and gave it some serious investment and verbal love. The story of Yi Soon Shin, a Korean naval Captain that held off a fleet of Japanese ships from invading Korea during THE IMJIN WAR (1592-1598) is well portrayed and makes the reader want to google this man and find out more about this incredible human being.
At first I'm sure you're going to be turned off because it doesn't have super heroes or some flashy writer or artist but I promise you, anyone who is a genuine fan of the comic art form will love this comic. Onrie paints a vivid picture of Korea as it is being invaded by the Japanese hordes. Women and children being raped and killed just for the sake of death makes the story very visceral but honestly true.
In the story, at this point in time the Korean navy had been split up into five sections all being led by different Captains. Yi Soon, takes command of one of them and with all his heart and soul plans on protecting his people and his land until the last beat of his heart.
As of right now this book is only available through amazon and the writer himself.
Do yourself a favor and at least check it out.

5 out of 5 GO HISTORY!

and that as they say IS ALL FOR ME FOLKS!

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